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Project Title:
The Starving Artist

Posted: (6/29/2017)

Production Company/School:
Destiny's hands production

Contact Person: SPIRO


Other Contact Info:
SPIRO 813-966-7526


Pay Info: low

Location: Palm Harbor

Destiny's hands production is a low budget company.
low pay. Pay for food and gas for the long distance drive.

Location:  Tarpon Spring.
THE STARVING ARTIST Is a true story of a man in his late 50's special artist very disgusted and defeated with his misfortunate and miserable life for many reasons.

He continuously asked and complained to God...why? why? He waited all his life to have an answer, to hear something from him to get a sign of some sort.

One day he gave up.He couldn't wait any longer so he came to the decision to see what it was like to be on the other side of life. He was ready to sell his soul to the devil.He was hoping he could see a few good days in the years he had left to live. But at the last moment he would have and answer for one of his many questions... and what was the answer?

TALENT:  Male Lead TWO Male= 40-50- 60- 65 year old.
FEMALE LEAD  ONE Female= 30-35-45 /  One female =25- 30- 35 years old.
Supporting Cast. TWO GIRL =18-19-20= /   TWO OR THREE YOUNG MAN= 18-19-25 Years old
And (No speaking  Extras)

AUDITION  MONTH July - Day -Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 = TIME 11am to 5pm




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