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Project Title:
The Reckoning

Posted: (7/26/2017)

Production Company/School:
Project 10:16 Films

Contact Person: David


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: see details

Location: winter park/orlando

Availability is VITAL.  We will be shooting from 5pm-9pm a few days during the week, and one or two full days (week days, or weekends) at the beginning of August.

This is a TV pilot that centers on the lives of two girls who have met in a mental institution.  The genre is thriller/suspense, with some action.  Amazon is expecting it by september 1st.  Cast will be part of the LLC if this gets picked up, or further episodes are ordered.  My actors/actresses were all nominated for their performances (2 of them won, the other 3 came in second) in my last film, which was the most nominated and most awarded at the orlando independent film valentines day "festival".

Angel- early 20's.  Troubled.  Must be somewhat athletic.  She was drugged and held against her will because of her father's "sins".  Think "girl with the dragon tattoo" or john wick.  MUST BE AVAILABLE with given notice.

Scarlett- early 20's.  Naive, professional.  She was convinced she hallucinated a murder/hostage situation and after calling 911, she ends up in an asylum.  MUST BE AVAILABLE WITH GIVEN NOTICE

Derrick.  20's to early 30's.  Flirtatious date of one of the girls.  Two days of shooting

Patty.  20's to 30's.  Sexy.  Thinks she's a nurse at the asylum.  Has outbursts.  Provides about the only humor in the episode.  Think Harley Quinn.  One day of shooting

Antagonist - age doesn't matter, just looking for someone who could pull off being evil, and die ungracefully.  Think Goethe from Schindler's List.  1-2 days of shooting.

Female Asylum Patients- I will need a few, both as extras and with lines. (must have own wardrobe, white long sleeve shirt, white pajama pants or shorts).  1-2 days of shooting

Orderlies (male)- should look imposing.  There are a few, some with lines.  (must have own wardrobe...white shirt, white the typical orderly).  1-2 days of shooting

Thugs (male or female).  a few have lines.  Must be somewhat athletic.  1-2 days of shooting, and 2 days of choreography.



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