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Project Title:
Crescent City Origins Part 1

Posted: (9/4/2017)

Production Company/School:
Terminal 52 Films

Contact Person: Kelly D. Weaver


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Orlando

Terminal 52 Films is currently casting for the first four short films in the prequel web series. Those cast will receive a copy of the finished product, an IMDB Credit and an invite to the special screening for the first four episodes before they air on Youtube. If you are interested please email us at: terminal52films@gmail letting us know which character you’d like to go out for so we can send you the sides for that character to do a video audition. Below are the characters we’re casting for as well as the day they film:
ALLYSON CHAPMAN (MULTIPLE FILM ROLE) (SHOOTING DATE OCT 15TH) 20's to 40's Any Ethnicity Female Allyson is a medium. She works with her best friend Erica Summers, who is a psychic and Jacob Chandler, who is a paranormal investigator. Allyson goes on ghost hunts and paranormal investigations trying to help as many people as she can. She comes from a family of mediums and hopes to continue the family business.
VERONICA ASHER (MULTIPLE FILM ROLE) (SHOOTING DATES OCT 22ND, NOV 4TH AND NOV 12TH) 20's to 30's Caucasian or Hispanic Female Veronica along with her half sister Heather Bloom have lived in Crescent City for 10 years. She is a college student at Crescent City University. Veronica has seen it all in Crescent City. From the evil that men do to the creatures of the night walking the streets. Nothing surprises her and she lives a care-free life.
CRYSTAL ALEXIS (MULTIPLE FILM ROLE) (SHOOTING DATES NOV 4TH AND NOV 11TH) 20's to 40's Any Ethnicity Female Crystal is a vampire hunter. She works along side her friends Jaslin and Bre'andra Frost. Crystal was born to be a hunter as her father and his father were hunters. She been hunting since she was 10 years old and has had to grow up fast. Crystal's cool and calm demeanor helps keep Jaslin and Bre'andra sane as they tend to get into fights a lot.
PRADA QUINN (MULTIPLE FILM ROLE) (SHOOTING DATE NOV 12) 20's to 30's Any Ethnicity Male Prada is a vampire who is also member of the House of Macula. He is the house's head adviser but is also Lilith's friend. When there's some down time, Prada enjoys a good glass of Lioncourt brew and a party.
CARYANN DAWES (MULTIPLE FILM ROLE) (SHOOTING DATE NOV 12) 20's to 30's Any Ethnicity Female Caryann is a vampire who is also member of the House of Macula. She is Lilith's bodyguard and best friend. She respect the fact that Lilith has always treated her as an equal even though Lilith is royalty. Like Prada, Caryann likes to kick back with a good drink and party during down time.
SUPPORTING ROLE SOPHIA DELANO (SHOOTING DATES NOV 17TH AND 18TH) 14 to 18 year old African American Female Sophia is the daughter of Melanie. She is also a hunter in training. She learned everything she knows from her father but now that he's been killed by a werewolf it's up to Sophia to step up. It's just her and her mother know so she does what she can to keep them safe.



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