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Project Title:
Crime Squad, The Movie A Salute To Leslie Nielsen (Non Union)

Posted: (10/3/2017)

Production Company/School:
FDMC Social and Digital Media LLC

Contact Person: Roy Garton and Mary Myers-Garton


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Palm Bay

Crime Squad, The Movie is a salute to that great comedic actor, Leslie Nielsen and his 
"Police Squad" TV series.  In person auditions are being held October 28th from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Wild Manta Knowledge Center in Palm Bay, FL 32905.  We are also accepting video auditions as we know getting to Palm Bay may be difficult for some. Send those via We Transfer to  We request head shots and resumes be sent to same email address.  Crime Squad will shoot November 11th and 12th as a short in the Palm Bay-Melbourne area.  All talent submitting MUST be available on these dates or please don't submit. This includes extras and principals.  All accepted talent will be given IMDB credit and meals but all roles are non-paid otherwise.  

About the Director  Roy Lewis Garton has directed and produced several award winning short indie films, commercials and PSA's on the Space Coast. He himself is a seasoned actor with over 24 films, TV series, and commercials to his credit. 
The following roles are now being accepted for.  Please specify what role you wish so we can get the appropriate  sides to you. All talent selected will expect to sign a ND agreement.  If you wish to mail your head shots and resume you may do so to: 
FDMC Media Attn: Crime Squad Film  610 Cardinal Street, Palm Bay, FL  32909

Frank:   Frank will be the star and we are looking for a experienced actor  in this role.  Must be able to be comedic yet deadpan on delivery. Good facial expressions a plus.  Talent must have white silvery hair and be between mid 40's to mid 50's with no facial hair and medium build. (check out shots of Leslie Nielsen on line)   Must provide simple business suit and tie and having use to their car a plus for a few exterior shots.  Sedan, no SUV's or mini vans. 
Stan: Co Star.  Male, Mid 50's early 60's. slightly overweight OK and a plus. 
Must provide own casual business suit and tie. Frank's boss and straight man.
Miss Endowed: Supporting Role.  Looking for a late 20's to early 30's experienced actress who is comfortable dressing provocative but not over the top.  Must have a low cut blouse with ample cleavage to show as it is part of the overall role. Skirt needs to just above the knee but not super short. Talent needs to be comfortable with a few suggestive lines.  She is a bad A*ss gum chewing killer  but also a bit ditzy and comedic as well with good funny facial expressions.  
Secretary:   Supporting. Typical role for a 30's to 50's female.  Must have a business suit and be able to cry  authentically but comically. 

Non speaking featured extras or background roles needed
Sexy cleaning maid.  Need an attractive maid type who can provide short black skirt and black blouse or top.  Not over the top but cute. We will provide rest of maid wardrobe.  Featured iso shot background. Short comedic bit. 
Attorney Dan Dewy Good comedic actor who can carry the role via facial expressions. In opening sequence only but heavy featured with close-ups. Must have nice business suit and a attache case a real plus! 
CSI Team  Need 4 to 5 background talent in business attire. We have a uniform jacket for one. If you have a flash camera, that is a plus. You will be put in some comedic situations and good iso shots
Deputies:  We provide uniforms.  Two will work CSI shots and two will work as featured extras with possible one line.  All 4 will not be on set at same time. Talent needs to be clean cut, short hair and between late 20's and mid 30's . Must be able to wear size med to large shirt and size 34 to 36 trousers. Please wear white t-shirt if applying for this role. No visible Tats. 
 Ambulance Team:
Two men or man- woman in white pants and white shirts.  Must be able to push a guy in a office chair and simulate lifting him up. Background shot.
3 kids: One , male and female between 7 and 10 years of age and one male  12 to 14.
All three roles although featured extras may get one line to read. and all will get Iso close-ups. the younger talent MUST be OK with parent's permission to hear some suggestive sexual dialogue although they will not hear the completed sentence as it is interrupted by Frank coming into the shot. Nothing R rated. The latter older boy  must have a business slacks and white shirt and tie and will appear as a short older man for a comic gag shot. 
2 secret service agents:
Need two men 30's in black business suits.  We supply sunglasses and ear pieces. Short gag shot.  You will be protecting the "President" 
The President
Need a stocky guy in a Blue Business Suit preferably with a red tie but if you don't have one, we do.  Will be wearing a mask and make-up. Must be no taller than 6 foot and needs to be between 210 to 230 in weight. Short gag scene. Must be OK wearing a mask perhaps for extended periods of time for shot set-ups. 

For Speaking Roles please ask for sides you wish to audition for. If interested in any non speaking roles, please provide head shot and experience if you have it.  This is a fun movie and we will have fun.  Do expect possible long days as we are on a crunch so no whining. Yes, you all get a copy of the DVD when done! 


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