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Project Title:
Garbage Son (working title)

Posted: (10/10/2017)

Production Company/School:
Seminole State College- Digital Cinema Department

Contact Person: Maria Green


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: see details

Location: Sanford/Lake Mary area


Pay Info: No pay, but final edit will be available for demo reel/portfolio


A recently divorced pizza delivery driver collects seemingly meaningless junk from customers in order to conjure an adventurous, fictional story to tell his young son at bedtime.  



Male, mid 30s (casting 25-35)

A recently divorced, disheveled-looking father who works as a pizza delivery man just to make ends-meet. As he delivers his pizzas, he steals small objects from the customers' houses in order to use them later as props for his young son's birthday bedtime story. His life is filled with misfortune, but he cares for his son immensely.


Female, mid 30s (casting 22-35)

Recently divorced from the protagonist, Barry, and feels as if she has to constantly keep him on track to protect their young son from disappointment. She is very clean and persnickety. 


Male, 5 years old (casting 5-10)

Son of Cynthia and Barry. Believes that his father can do no wrong despite his lack of dependability. 

Drunk Girl Customer:

Female, early 20s (casting 20-35)

Answers the door to Barry in a very sloppy/drunk manner. 

Trashy Customer:

Male, early 40s (casting 25-40)

Tall, burly man who pulls a shot gun out when he sees Barry try to take something from his yard. Walks into frame wearing a wife-beater and boxers. Very lumberjack/trailer park. No lines. 

Elderly Woman Customer:

Woman, late 70s (casting 70-80)

A very short old woman who shakes a lot. She wears big bifocals, wholesome old lady clothes, and moves very slowly as she counts change to give to Patrick.

Elderly Woman Customer's Grandson:

Male, 10 years old (casting 9-13)

Sitting on his grandmother's couch playing video games intensely, but he is visibly unfazed. He does not make any facial expressions, say anything, or look away from the TV as his grandmother is getting the pizza at the door. 

SHOOTING DATES: anticipated late October/ early November for a week of filming (not consecutive days, will be spaced out.)

CASTING CALL LOCATION: SSC department cinema and television production (Sanford/lake Mary campus)

Directions will be provided to individuals called in.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Please submit a headshot, resume, and demo reel(if available) to my email address. Individuals selected for audition will be provided sides to make a short on camera script read video for submission. Persons selected from their video submission will be invited in for in person script reads with other potential cast.


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