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Project Title:
The Real Ghost Hunters

Posted: (10/30/2017)

Production Company/School:
Odyssey Island

Contact Person: Gabriel


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Orlando

We're currently working on a Mockumentary/comedy film which we're looking to enter in film festivals. This is a small, low budget production which we plan to shoot early January. Here are the current roles we're looking for.

Emily Ables - (40s-50s) Smart and reasonable. Very down to Earth, and thinks realistically. Can be very direct and straight forward about her thoughts. Very family focused and struggling to keep their lives and finances stable. 

Tiffany Ables - (Age 16-18) Danny and Emily's daughter. Very intelligent and down to Earth. Relaxed personality. (Must actually be at least 18 for this role.)

Diane Casey - (30s-40s) Psychic Medium who can be very direct and slightly bitchy at times. Bit of an alcoholic, very empathic and hates it so drinks a lot to help suppress her empathy.

Ryan Fischer - (30s-40s), not very bright (At All!) Can't hold a job or find any friends. Can be very unintentionally annoying Thinks he is so much smarter than he actually his. Tries to act intelligent but fails miserably.

Please send resume, head shots and links to any demo reel or work, thank you.



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