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Project Title:
We Were Young

Posted: (11/9/2017)

Production Company/School:
Vanguard Independent

Contact Person: Joshua Outing


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: see details

Location: Orlando

Logline: We Were Young is a character driven crime drama about the “millennial angst” pushing three friends to act out in search of meaning, purpose, and survival.

This is a feature film that will be shot in the summer of 2018. However we need to raise money for the project and have chosen the platform of crowdfunding to accomplish just that. We want to film a teaser scene from the screenplay to use as marketing for our crowdfunding campaign. This particular casting call is specifically for the teaser, NOT the feature film. We will have another set of auditions in the spring for the film. If you are interested in acting in the teaser and possibly even the feature, here is a basic breakdown of who our main characters are:

Lauryn (a.k.a “Lo”), early 20’s
- Lauryn is a nostalgic “tomboy” who struggles with anxiety. Her relationship with her parents is becoming more and more estranged due to the lack of communication, empathy, and understanding of who she is as a person.

Quinton (a.k.a “Q”), early 20’s
- Is an overachieving outsider. He feels distant from both his family as well as his peers. His quiet face seems to be marked with a million thoughts most of the time. He has a desire to do something with purpose in his life but finds himself drowning under the constraints of his parents, college debt, and dead-end job.

Luke, early 20’s
- Luke is a “shut out”. He is extremely intelligent with a diminishing hope for a better future. He lives under an abusive father and a mother who tolerates the hostility. Luke has grown cynical due to his upbringing. Behind his kind eyes lies a festering frustration waiting to explode.

Please send in your acting reel, headshot, and/or monologue of your choice to this email:

Pay Rate:
$75 for one day

Filming Date:
December 23rd

Address TBD



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