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Project Title:
Snowflakes & Lattes

Posted: (12/30/2017)

Production Company/School:

Contact Person: Matthew Brojanowski


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: low

Location: Davenport, Clermont, Orlando


Production: Snowflakes & Lattes

Union/Non-Union: Non Union

Production Type: Independent

Production Length: 97 minutes

Project Format: 4.6K Super-35mm

Production Location: North East Polk County, Florida

Director: Matthew Brojanowski

Producer: Matthew Brojanowski


Key Dates: Casting interview, read through, and costuming - February 2017

                      Rehearsal - March 2018

                     Shooting -  April 2018


A barista has a really bad day, with a strong inner theme of the judgement of millennials as entitled and narcissistic.  Dolores spirals along a downward character arc while having the worst possible day as a barista. She is a young woman simply trying to have a little fun life while working and getting an education. Yet society feels the need to gentrify her.



Dolores, female age 20-25.

As book smart as she is pop culturally smart, with a sharp tongue. Her day begins with a pregnancy test, being late for work, and the realization she won’t have a ride to see her favorite band later that night. Her day continues to worsen, and friends and customers put all the blame on her.


Jude, male age 20-25.

On a crusade to thwart corporate greed, rude customers, legalize marijuana, and protect the pornographic industry from dwindling out of existence due to the broadcasting of amateur internet cams.


Veronica, female age 25-35.

Full-time mom, and a full-time coffee shop manager. She keeps an up-beat tone although her husband is deployed halfway across the world.

Jamie, female age 20-25.

A fun loving old friend


Jim, male age 45-55

A seen-it-all, “ain’t got time for bullshit” nice guy.


Rude Customers X3, male ages 45-65.

Rude and ignorant customers.


Prejudice Lady, female age 45-65

Prejudice and ignorant lady.


Fanboys X3, male ages 25-45

Comic book loving nerds.


Benny, male age 20-25

Jerk off boyfriend.


Brother, male age 20-25.

Selfish and enabling.


Brandon. Male age 20-25.

Dreamy ex-boyfriend.


Brandon’s Girlfriend, female age 20-25.

Absolutely stunning. 

Latino customers X3, Female ages 25-65



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