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Project Title:
Dallas Richards Continuum

Posted: (1/16/2018)

Production Company/School:
Eclectic Sideshow

Contact Person: Robert S Goldsmith


Other Contact Info:
Would prefer email first


Pay Info: see details

Location: Daytona Beach


Welcome to the 1st Multimedia Interactive Novel in history!!! The project will consist of the actual novel, music videos, videos of scenes from the book, podcasts, and puzzles, mysteries and polls. The project is set to run for 5 years and will pay a percentage of the profits; for instance, if an actor plays a role they will receive .5% for their facebook usage, 1% for each role. Since there are multiverses in the novel each actor would probably play at least two roles. So that would amount to 2.5% of profit. Also, said actor would receive 30% for all merchandise pertaining to their character, and 80% for all interviews etc that may arise from the character. Plus, for any aspect of the project 20% goes into a pool that will be evenly distributed to all the members of the company. Also, each member that retains 100 members to the novel will receive $100 as a bonus.

So come join us and let's make some history by creating a new entertainment field for the 21st century!!! 


Roger Miller: 20’s the role requires versatility, since he will be playing several parts, Roger Miller, the Drachr in Roger’s body, Roger in a bodysuit playing the Drachr, and aged by makeup to play Dallas Richards. I always envisioned a Ethan Hawke looking character, must have a sardonic sound and look. He is the lead role, so must be good looking. Originally I had Cory Hoffman lined up but he told me he had to bow out.

Drachira Elicia/Alice Tompkins: Filled at this point,

Mackenzie Peters: 20’s think Weasley from Harry Potter. He is Roger’s buddy loyal and able.

Cassandra/Cazz Diamond: Filled at this point, but I will be looking.

Jose Miranda: Hispanic, can be a little overweight as he will play a computer nerd, but must still have a pleasant face. He is sexually confused until he meets Isabella and there will be tension.

Isabella Baum: I have this one tentatively filled.

Gary Ward: A want an African American that is huge, a guy that dims the lights when he enters a room. He will be self-conscious about his size

Violet Diamond: I have this one filled but I think other obligations may take her out of the running. Want a MILF, 40’s larger breasts that she uses to her advantage.

Roy Bradley: FBI agent tall, think Jeremy Brett or someone close to that. Will be in 40’s at least.

Franklin Danforth: I had David McMahon playing the role, but he bowed out after winning an award. But he was perfect for the part. So check out his character profile.

Reginald McNamara: I also had this filled, but am not sure anymore. Older owner of SCAB magazine. He will be slimey Trumplike.

Skip Pankin: He will appear first as a bum. I don’t have a problem with him being young, as later he will reappear in the second novel as a different character.  I thought Chaz Lingaitis, but am not sure of our arrangement anymore.

Tony Dimarco: A real wise guy think Ray Liotta in Goodfellas. Should have that look.

Max Chism: NSA director, older evil and tenacious.

Jerry Vale: Think Dennis Hopper from Apocalypse Now. Hippy dippy.

I also need bums:

One with squinty eye

The Professor speaks in Shakespearean rhyme

One who doesn’t give a damn

I think you get the picture.

E-mail with specifics or direct me to your portfolio online. I will get in touch with people as needed and begin our journey from there.





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