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Project Title:
Rough Around The Edges

Posted: (1/24/2018)

Production Company/School:
Bad Kids Production

Contact Person: Ramon Gutierrez


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Kissimmee

I have a Dark Comedy short film called "Rough Around The Edges". It's about a young adult name Richard, going through a rough break up. Struggling keeping the break up out of his mind, especially since he found out that, his girl was sleeping with his Father. Richard has a friend, Kyle, get him to a party for him to have a good time. But little did he know, more problems start happening once he arrives. 

I need three actors and one actress. 

-Richard (21-25 years old, Caucasian)

- Father (35-40 years old, Caucasian)

-Kyle (21 -25 years old)

-Valeria (20 - 25 years old)

Extras are also needed. For extras, you would have to be 27 years old or less. 

For these characters, they have a lot of emotions. For me to accept a certain actor or actress to be in this Film, I would need to see a Film Reel or an Audition Tape. Here is a piece of the scripts in each little scenes. If there's no film reel, then I want you to record yourself while acting out the scene.  (Script Down Below) If you have a problem opening it, my number is: 407-705-4406. Give me a call and I can send the script to you. 

THIS IS NO PAY . But when the project is officially done, I will be sending the Film to Film Festivals. 

Since that's all I have to say, please let me know if you're interested. Thank you for your time to read this. 



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