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Project Title:
Heart's Freedom

Posted: (2/18/2018)

Production Company/School:
S. Thacker productions

Contact Person: Shani Thacker


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Kissimmee and surrounding areas

The synopsis of the film is the following : Scarlett begins to understand  how relationships work from buikding a rapport from being with man after another. Later on, she follows the wrong path toward a dangerous route. Would she be able to find a way to escape it?

Characters needed:

1. Joseph: Age 20-25. Scarlett's brother. Party animal but smart.
2. Jerry: Age 21-26. OoVoo encounter. Jealous type. 
3. Corey: Age 22-27. OoVoo encounter. Jealous type.
4. Dan: Scarlett's lover #1. Confident, charming, sensitive, and bad boy vibes.
5. Police: Age 30 to 40. Stern, firm, and corny.
6. Raymond: Age 20-30. Scarlett's second lover. Anti social, awkward, intellectual, and sarcastic. 
7. Rose: Age 45-55. Scarlett's mother. Worries, caregiver. 
8. Leonard #1: Age 23-30. Dequan's best friend. Joker.
9. Leonard #2: Age 30-35. Scarlett's fourth lover. Happy, polite, and sweet.
10. Odessa: Age 45-55. Scarlett's aunt. The "cool", yet strict at times aunt. 
11. Rafael: Age 28-35. Fifth lover for Scarlett. Funny, goofy, worries, confident.
12. Mark: Age 27-32. Scarlett's cousin. Relaxed demeanor, but a storm forming inside.
13. George: Age 27-32. Sixth lover for Scarlett. Mark's best friend. Anxious, musically inclined, and a klutz. 
14. Carter: Age 30-35. Seventh lover for Scarlett. Responsible, alpha male, funny and confident.
15. Jonathon: Age 28-33. Carter's brother. Bossy.
16. Kevin: Age 50 and up. Scarlett's uncle. Odessa's husband. Dominant. 
17. Elijah: Age 23-30. Eighth lover for Scarlett. Quiet, submissive, and sweet.
18. Paul: Age 20-25. Joker.
19. David: Age 24-32. Charming, persuasive, and abusive behind closed doors.
20. Dr. Chandler: Age 45 and up. Kind, nurturing, and understanding.
21. Kenny: Age 21-30. Lover for Scarlett. Bonfire hippy, confident, direct, sensitive, but sexy
22. College senior girl: Age 22-27. Confides with Scarlett
23. Marty: Age 50 and up. Mom's (Scarlett's mom) cousin. Yoga fanatic, office type. 
24. Robert: Age 50 and up. Mom's cousin. Intellectual.
25. Seamus: Age 27-35. Aaron's friend. Manipulative, open, an funny 
26. Jaquan: Age 30-40. Aaron's ex-inmate. Gangster type. 
27. Store clerk at a vape store (female): Age 20-26. Flirtatious and sweet.
28. Store clerk at a clothing store (female): Age 25-30. Observant and nice.
29. Aaron's mom: Age 45-55. Good listener, psychologist demeanor, and inquisitive.
30. Landlord: Age 35 to 45. Dislikes Aaron heavily. Jealous, creeper, and stalker.
31. Aaron's friend: Age 27-32. Understanding, hippy, and grungy type.

Please send a headshot and a demo reel. If you do not currently have a demo reel, send a video of yourself doing a  monologue under 2 minutes.

You will receive credit on IMDB. Experience and exposure is inevitable in this project. This is not a paying gig.

Filming time will vary amongst the actors. TBD. 



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