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Project Title:
The Elvish Twins

Posted: (2/26/2018)

Production Company/School:
Puggerpug Studios & Crooms Academy of IT

Contact Person: Marian Jade Heald


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Central Florida - Oviedo, Orlando, & Sanford


The Elvish Twins is a fantasy adventure film, with a bit of comedy mingled in. As Puggerpug Studios is a local high school student body, we are looking for determined, devoted, and talented students to take on major, minor, and extra character roles.  

Working with Puggerpug Studios, filming will be scheduled loosely, understanding that students have limited time while school is in effect. Filming will only take place on Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays while school is in effect, but come summer break we will be filming more frequently and during the week as well. Filming is planned to begin sometime in April, and to end sometime in August. The movie is planned for two hours in length of screen time, most of which is consisted of montages and transitional model shots. 

Working on the film, you will have the opportunity to act alongside thrice award-winning student actor, Tyler Kreusch, who has performed twice at the Dr. Phillips Center, in Disney’s Candlelight, and multiple times at the local Breakthrough Theater. Directing and writing the film, Marian Heald is proud to produce her first feature film based on childhood dreams and a story of depth and detail worked on for 7-8 years total, with the story line of the movie 3-4 years in progress. 

Crooms Academy of Information Technology is sponsoring the production and publication of the film, and providing generous access to their green-screen room and equipment (when on school grounds).  

If interested in taking a part, please email Marian Heald your headshot, resume, and a demo reel. If this would be your first acting project, don’t worry! It’s ours too, and we’d be more than happy to audition you instead if preferred, first time or not. Just contact Marian Heald and ask for an audition and we’ll set you up. All actors/actresses will be unpaid, but provided with a copy of the film after production is finished. 


ADRAN SHILLISTONE: Elf twin to Beiro Shillistone, Adran may be humorous, but inside there is a share of seriousness and even a hidden darkness. Adran is a sword and board fighter, who learns a few words of magic throughout the story. Channeling the god of song, Adran will sing during the film. 

ELIHAN SHILLISTONE: Father to Adran, Rose, and Beiro, Elihan is a gracefully lithe and agile dual-wielding swordsman, and a wise leader to the elves. Elihan is the champion of life until he is killed and his corpse is risen as a Wight to fight alongside the forces of death against his own friends and family. 

VINOC: Old elf druid.  

MORRICK: Old elf druid, teacher, and sorcerer.  

ZAKOR ZENHUAN: A talented crossbowman, Zakor Zenhuan is a young adult elvish man, and leader of the Elf Legion, as well as a renowned hunter. Zakor is stubborn and has a prideful and boastful ego. 

DEATH KNIGHTS 1, 2, 3:  The Death Knights are armored entities of death, with greatswords and nightmarish steeds. Hunting down the enemies of death, the Death Knights are a frightening force that never dies. 

DEA’ILL: God of death, illness, pain, and suffering.

EL’RO’FEY: Goddess of life, elves, and fey, El’Ro’Fey is a beautiful elf woman. 

LORD HAMMERSTONE: King of the dwarves, Hammerstone leads them into battle.

GNOS’S CHAMPION: Champion of dance, song, and story. Gnos's Champion is a wandering bard.

(ELF LEGIONNAIRE 1) CORVUS: An adult elf man, and a legionnaire. 

ELF LEGIONNAIRE 2-4: Adult elf men of the elf legion. 

ELF MAN 1 & 2: Adult elf men. 

ELF WOMAN 1 & 2: Adult elf woman.

ELF BOY 1-4: Young elf lads and legionnaires in training. 

ELF GIRL 1-2: Young elf girls. 

HUMAN MAN 1-6: Adult human men. 

HUMAN WOMAN 1-2: Adult human women. 

HUMAN BOY 1-4: Young human boys. 

HUMAN GIRL 1-2: Young elf girls. 

DWARF SOLDIER 1: An adult male dwarf. 

DWARF SOLDIER 2: An adult female dwarf. 

DWARF MINER 1-2: Adult male dwarves. 

(DWARF BLACKSMITH) THINDLEDORF: An adult male dwarf blacksmith. 

DWARF BLACKSMITH 2: An adult female dwarf.  

ORC CHIEFTAIN: Champion of the god of battle, and leader of the orcs. 

ORCS 1-10: Ferocious and beastly orcs. 

ZOMBIES 1-10: Undead thralls. 

SWORDMAGE RAY: A fanatic follower of Dea’Ill and risen Wight servant to Raven Verron. 

CULTISTS 1-10: Robed fanatic followers of Dea’Ill. 

WHISKERS: A loyal servant to Rose, her childhood cat morphed into a humanoid servant. 



Open Mic Comedy Competition in Naples

Boynton Beach Short Film Festival Set for April

Miami Film Festival Runs March 9-18

The Gasparilla International Film Festival will be held March 20-25th, 2018. Follow the site for the soon to be updated schedule information:

Uncle Lou's Entertainment Hall is located at 1016 N. Mills Avenue Orlando, Florida 32803. Want to get your band a gig? Contact the Hall that supports local music. Contact them directly at 407-898-0009.

Keep an eye out for Comedian Murv Seymour's project AMURVICA coming out this 2018. Murv, a traveling comedian, meets many cool people doing cool things along his road tours. The new web series will highlight these cool stories.

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