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Project Title:
Being Golden

Posted: (4/1/2018)

Production Company/School:

Contact Person: Anthony Penney & Susanna Matza


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: St. Augustine & Tampa/Orlando

Casting Call:
(Film to be shot second half of the year)

Film Title: Being Golden
Type: LGBT Drama
Length: 45-60 minutes
Producer: AnthonyPenneyFilms
Writer: Susanna Matza
Director: Anthony Ryan Penney

Synopsis: In a strict religious household, Elizabeth is thought to be the purist girl in the family of three...that is until she meets her new foster sister Aliah-Discovering her sexuality and learning the wonders of love, Elizabeth faces conflict with her newly found sin and tries to show Mama that love transcends gender boundaries and must be free

Tentative Filming Dates: August, 2018 (2/3 weekends)
Tentative Filming Locations: Tampa/Orlando & St. Augustine

Character List:

Elizabeth (Already Cast)

Aliah (Female 15-22) The love interest of Elizabeth. She is thick skinned and honest. She cares very little about the foster homes she visits. However, she finds genuine love and soft emotion when being around Elizabeth. This character deals with intense emotion and screaming. **Must be okay with profanity, kissing a female, and implied nudity**

Bernice (Female 15-25) Bernice is Elizabeth's wise and well thought out sister. She is soft spoken and just wants what is best for Elizabeth. This character deals with intense emotion and screaming.

Mama (Female 30's-50's) Mama is the stern antagonist. Though she is kind to the girls, she seems to have an ulterior motive. This character deals with intense emotion and screaming. **Must be okay with implied abuse/violence**

Preacher (Male 30's-50's) The preacher is extremely passionate about religion. Though he is soft spoken towards Elizabeth, his motives may not be quite as pure as we think. **Must be okay with implied sexual abuse/violence**

Tim (Male 20's-50's) Time is a kind business man. He cares deeply about each girl he sends off for adoption. **Must be able to lift 120lbs actress**

Izabella (Female 15-25) Her scene has an underlying feeling of guilt under it's surface, though the conversation remains casual and exciting externally. (1 day shoot) **Must be okay with sexual references/dialogue**

Lilith (Female 15-25) Lilith is casual and curious to hear about Izabella's sexual experience. (1 day shoot) **Must be okay with sexual references/dialogue**

Sister Leah (Female 20-30) Sister Leah is a nun who simply wants the best for Mama and her girls. (1 day shoot)

Please email headshots/resume and demo reel (If you have one) to these casting emails: AND for script/sides and audition information. This film will be IMDB credited and will screen in multiple festivals. Quality demo reel footage will be provided to you as well!



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