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Project Title:
Cautionary Love

Posted: (6/22/2018)

Production Company/School:
Big G Studios

Contact Person: Gregory Gonzalez


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Kissimmee


CASTING CALL for Cautionary Love
My name is Gregory, I'm the writer and director Cautionary Love. I'm looking for an actress from ages from 24 to 29, Hispanic white to play Rosie, Leslie and Jenny

Rosie - The main character, She's skinny, She is shy but nice, she's a casual anime fan, a cosplayer, a gamer, and loves movies. She befriends with Martin, who she stops being friends with because he has a crush on her.

Jenny - She's Rosie's best friend. She's skinny, She is nice, she's a casual anime fan and she's a gamer. She's supportive and encouraging.

Leslie - Leslie is the sister of Rosie. She's nice and supportive. She tells Rosie at the end, what she did to Martin is wrong.

The film is It's basically a cautionary tale of what happens if you befriend with someone and sees that person has a crush on you, you stop being with that person without even realizing that you did was wrong and lost a friend that could've been your best friend or lover.

The film has no budget. It's free. I will give everyone credit during the editing process. If anyone is interested in auditioning for the film, email me a video audition at . Feel free to send a resume.



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