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Project Title:

Posted: (7/23/2018)

Production Company/School:
Southeastern University

Contact Person: Karla Colón


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: see details

Location: Lakeland, FL


Vogue Casting Call. 


Producer: Karla Colon 

Director: Matthew Mohlenhoff

Writer: Matthew Mohlenhoff

Physical Audition Date(s): 09/07/2018, 09/08/2018

Virtual Audition Date(s): Now - 09/08/2018

Callback Date(s): TBD

Start Date: 10/17/2018

Rate of Pay: 0 - Meals provided

Location: Lakeland & surrounding area

*Must be willing to work as a local.*

It's 1986 and Alyson, a young aspiring model, will do anything to find success in the modeling world. After coming across a casting call she is finally given the chance to shine. 

Alyson CAST - Kary Rodriguez

An aspiring model and ex girlfriend to Pearson. She has the drive to pursue her dreams as a model, but lacks in self confidence. 

Brittany CAST - Victoria Bosnack

A valley girl turned model with confidence to spare. She flaunts herself for all to see. Alyson’s biggest threat.

Pearson - Male lead

18-25, Male, Caucasian/Any

He is Alyson’s ex Boyfriend and current photographer. He is Alyson’s biggest supporter/cheerleader who only wants what’s best for her. Pearson has a great heart and wants Alyson to believe she is beautiful. 

Mrs. Jacobs

30s/40s, Female, Any Ethnicity. 

She leads a fashion empire, she knows exactly what she wants and only gets what she wants. She has a power walk that could silence any room she walks into.  


20-25, Male, Any Ethnicity. 

Assistant to Mrs. Jacobs. A young fashionable and flamboyant young man who takes his jobs too seriously.

Ms. Macy

25-35, Female, Any Ethnicity 

A talent manager full of personality. She will make anyone feel like a million bucks as long as they don’t disappoint her.


Models (Featured)

18-25, female, Any Ethnicity. 

All models will be featured in one scene. Select models will also be featured for more scenes.

(Modeling experience preferred but not required)

Photographer (Featured)

20-45, male, Any Ethnicity. 

Fashion photographer for print.

(Photography experience preferred)


18-25, male/female, Any Ethnicity. 

People working in the fashion industry, designers, makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers, etc. 


Physical Audition:

To sign up for a Physical audition, please send us your acting resume and headshot to Please place the name of the part you will be auditioning for in the header followed by your name.(Ex. Pearson - John Smith) 

Virtual Audition:

To sign up for a virtual audition, please send your acting resume and headshot to for further instructions. Please place the name of the part you will be auditioning for in the header followed by your name and Virtual.(Ex. Pearson - John Smith - Virtual) 



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