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Project Title:
Fork in the Road

Posted: (8/12/2018)

Production Company/School:
Satori Productions

Contact Person: Sue Dontell


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Brevard county, central


Satori Productions, in association with Fork In the Road, wishes to produce a socially responsible short film on the subject of teenage suicide, the number two cause of death in teens.  We are looking for cast and crew with the desire to donate their time and skills to produce a film that will help save lives.  Although there is no pay, cast and crew will be fed, invited to a showing of the film and get IMDb credit.


Patty Roberts:  Looks like a 16-18 yo Caucasian female, stocky(not skinny)  Main character.

Jesse Roberts:  brother to Patty, looks to be 10-12 yo Caucasian male.

Mr. Roberts:  father to Patty and Jesse. kind, Caucasian male 50's.

Young Patty:  Younger version of Patty above.  12yo must match older character

Young Jesse:  Younger version of Jesse above. 7yo must match older character, be comfortable with handling  snake.

Phoenix:  Caucasian male looks like a 16-18 yo, kind, love interest to Patty

Theresa:  Caucasian female 16-18 yo overweight, nerdy.  Best friend to Patty.

Linda, Kathy and Carla:  all looks to be 16-18 yo school girls, mean, flirty girls.

Teacher:  Adult high school teacher, male or female, any ethnicity

Doctor: Adult, male or female, any ethnicity, two lines

Emergency personal:  Adults. no lines, just action.

Clown:  Adult. high energy, positive attitude

Light spirit:  Adult angelic Caucasian female, blonde

Dark spirit:  Adult stoic black male, no lines, just stoic attitude

Suicide support group:  adults, no lines, just sad looking

Suicide facilitator:  adult

School Principal:  adult

clergy: adult

extras for school room scenes, funeral scenes, graduation scenes, wedding scenes.

***Send JPEG headhot, resume without pic on it, DON'T send us to a site for a headshot and resume but may send link to reel. Please follow these directions to be considered for a part, we don't have time to go to listing sites. Send to



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