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Project Title:
The Bakers

Posted: (8/23/2018)

Production Company/School:
Bad Kids Production

Contact Person: Ramon Gutierrez


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Kissimmee

Hi. I'm filming a short film about Two Stoners who are walking around a block, while smoking. Then, they see a dead corpse laying on the ground full of blood. As soon as they call for help, the dead corpse gets up and starts speaking to them. They get freaked out, but they eventually have a full conversation with the dead corpse, talking about life and how the dead corpse was killed. 

That's basically the whole premise of the short film.

 I'm looking for 3 people to be in this short. 

Stoner #1 (Anthony) - Age- 21-25
Stoner #2 (Wilson) - Age- 21-25
Dead Corpse - Age -25-30

This will be a no paid gig, but will be in some film festivals. 

I'm looking for atleast a two day shoot, four days max. 

Now, with all that being said, the reason we're making this short film, is because we have a full length script we are close to finishing. If possible, whoever is the Two Stoners in the short film, we would like to use the same characters for the Full Length film. We're getting the full script ready for when we are ready to film the movie, we'll have a full cast by then, and get the movie ready. 

Also, the short story is completely different from the full length. Same characters, different movie. The full length is more of a crime story (Very odd, I know). Hope we find the perfect characters for the short film. 

If you guys would like to email me ( or call me (407-705-4406), then go right ahead. We wanna see audition tapes of any monologue from a film. Would be helpful if you can do one from a stoner film, but if not, then it's fine. It depends on performance. 

Thank you. Hope you guys do well. 



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