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Project Title:
The red notebook (a Christian short film)

Posted: (10/7/2018)

Production Company/School:
Project 10:16

Contact Person: Dk


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: see details

Location: Orlando area

casting call. Christians only. (A statement of faith will be needed)

Hospital chaplain (lead) - male, 30-80yrs (it’s a non factor), any race but no thick accent, must have a caring and sympathetic look  

Stephen (lead) -age 30, male, white 

Lucy (lead) - age 30, female, any race. Will be on the verge of suicide. 

Nurses/EMT workers - age, race doesn’t matter but I want people who WANT to he in a Christian film. Real life health care workers are encouraged to submit 

Doctor - any age above 30, gender and race won’t matter. 

Little Lucy (age 8-12)
Little Stephen (age 8-12)
Lucy’s mother - age 30-45

If you’re an actor or starting out and want to be a part of an awesome Christian film, please respond. My films, and actors have won a lot of awards and this idea is special. 

The red notebook is about a man who is beaten to an inch of his life and the only thing he has with him is a red notebook. The notebook is given to the hospital chaplain and that’s when God works wonders. This will be sad, and uplifting at the same time. 

As of now, no pay but the filming is in December and will raise a few dollars to make this the way I feel God wants me to make it. 

This will be filmed early December in and around Orlando. 



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