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Project Title:
Funeral of a Mortician

Posted: (10/23/2018)

Production Company/School:
Safety Pin Productions

Contact Person: Olivia


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Orlando, FL



LOGLINE: Set in Victorian London, a gravedigger catches the eye of a young mortician, Victoria, causing a macabre pursuit to gain his attention and heart. 

ROLE 1: LEAD FEMALE: Victoria is a young, macabre woman who runs her family funeral home in Victorian London. Her hobbies include taxidermy, fencing, and picnics in the cemetery. She is very isolated and does not have any friends or family. She is very good at her job and takes pride in running her family's business. Her monotonous schedule is thrown off when she falls in love with the local gravedigger, which sends her down a path to get his attention, and most importantly, to find a way to get his wife out of the picture.

ROLE 2: LEAD MALE: Manford is a poor gravedigger who lives in Victorian London. He is attractive but is constantly covered in dirt and is slightly hunched and worn down from the hard labor of digging graves daily. He is unhappily married, overworked, and underpaid. He lives a very isolated life and veers away from society. 

Thank you for your interest in Safety Pin Production's "Funeral of a Mortician." Feel free to use any props/costumes that you feel are necessary but they are not required for this audition. For this video audition, please use a scene you feel best represents your acting style. You may use any material. Also, please introduce yourself (age, location, past work) and explain your interest in this role and why you feel you would be a great fit. Please note that this is a short film that will be filmed in Orlando, FL and will be a volunteer opportunity. 

Good luck!



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