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Project Title:
Poetry and Relationships

Posted: (12/10/2018)

Production Company/School:
Orange Technical College

Contact Person: Felice Mathieu


Other Contact Info:
text: 239-994-2669


Pay Info: no

Location: Orlando

When will this be shot? In January. (between the hours of 10 a.m. and 1pm.)

Is this a paid shoot? No. But, I would be willing to share the finished product with you. And in the video I would share your contact information so people could get in contact with you. Look at it as you getting followers. 

Auditions: There will be a set time to audition, not all that try out will be accepted. There is a certain vision I have for the project. ( I will accept input)

What do I need from you? Do you have a song? Or poem? Or a rap? Maybe you're a dancer and a specific choreographed routine is your poetry.Was it a relationship that inspired it? What specifically about a relationship inspired it? How does your expression correlate with some aspect of a relationship? Let the world know.

My vision

The title of this project would be called Poetry & Relationships. I've been a spoken word poet for over 13 years. I performed everywhere. Churches. Festivals. Miltary. Open mic nights. Love the open mic night scene. Poetry is in music, raps, and many other expressions.  Many times though, you don't get the 'behind the scenes' with the artist, to really get the definite answer of what expired what. This will be like a mini documentary highlighting important themes in relationships and how it relates to poetry. (someone's poetic expression)



Saint Augustine Film Festival is January 17-20

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