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Project Title:
Family Snapshot

Posted: (1/21/2019)

Production Company/School:
Icon Film Studios

Contact Person: Chris Woods


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: low

Location: Tampa


FAMILY SNAPSHOT: This film is based on true events that are taken from our news headlines. A father and son who are ex-cons and have a jaded vision of what the world is around them, decide to plot a mass shooting and a massive event. This will be my eighth feature length film and I plan on getting the film released to large platforms like Prime and Netflix. The film is a dark drama and will be in black and white and will showcase many Tampa Bay landmarks and areas in a cinematic way. We begin shooting the film in March around the Tampa Bay area.



Black Male

Ages 30 - 45

Black male in his mid to late 30's or early to mid 40's who is a mental health counselor. He is well educated and often helps drug addicts on a sliding scale. He is a good person with a big heart and tries to see the best in all people. One of his clients is Jonathan Oswald who is an ex- con and former white supremacy member. Jonathan is also dealing with opioid addiction are trying to get his life together and change his former ways. Lewis is determined to help Jonathan despite his history. He sees hope in him and believes he can turn him around and make him have a good life. 


Bi-racial Female

Ages 21 - 30

Bi-racial young woman who is seeking help at a mental health counselor's office for depression and trying to commit suicide. The counselor's name is Lewis Jones. She has battle depression all her life and nothing is going right for her lately. She lives with her mother who is an alcoholic. Sasha is currently out of work and had to leave school due to finances. Sasha is also very shy and timid. In that same office she meets Jonathan Oswald who is an ex-con and former white supremacy member. Jonathan is also dealing with opioid addiction are trying to get his life together and change his former ways. He is attract to her despite his beliefs that he was brought up on and attempts to ask her out on a date. Sasha is reluctant in going out or even speaking to Jonathan, but she eventually befriends him. 

For the video audition please introduce yourself and the role you are reading for. Please read the sides provided (we will email you the sides when you contact us for the role) and also read a short monologue of your choosing. Wardrobe for the video can be causal but have it fit the role of the character. Also provide contact info (e-mail or phone number). Once we have viewed all the auditions, we will let you know if you have been cast.  The deadline Feb. 15th.


An ex-con and former white supremacy member, Jonathan Oswald is trying to get his life back 

together. He has appointments with a mental health counselor who is trying to help him to stay 

on the right path. Jonathan also is fighting a drug addiction and battling depression and mental 

illness. He also is attractive to a woman who appears to be bi-racial who he meets at the 

mental health counselor’s office. Things start to go downhill when his father is released from 

prison. His father known as Big Oz served twenty years for armed robbery. But he was also 

ahead of a white supremacy group and sold arms along with setting off explosives at minority 

owned businesses. His father is now an old man and is dealing with Alzheimer’s, but when he 

gets out he still believes he is in charge of the white supremacy group and wants to finish what 

he started and take this country back to where it belongs. Big Oz plots a plan to set explosives 

somewhere and he wants to plan a mass shooting. Jonathan is against all this at first and 

knows his father isn’t right in the head. But Jonathan has his demons as well and is trying to 

fight them. He tries to stay on the straight and arrow but things start to fall apart. His mental 

health counselor finds him a job as a dish washer, but he only lasts one day on the job and is 

fired. He tries to make advances to the woman he likes but it doesn’t work out for him. He then 

gets back on drugs and starts to listen to his father and help him go ahead with his plans.The 

two have some failed attempts at some bombings and shootings. No one is killed and no one is 

caught. Eventually Big Oz’s illness catches up with him and his is forced to go to the 

hospital. He is also is diagnosed with a brain tumor and is dying. Jonathan watches his once 

strong willed father now a frail old man die in a hospital bed. Jonathan is now determined to 

fulfill his father’s mission.Jonathan disguises as a police officer and plans a mass shooting at a 

big outside event. He plan is quickly foiled when he is almost caught but he gets 

away. Jonathan then murders two white supremacy members that were once his allies. He 

then goes back to the mental health counselor’s office with a gun and plans to kill his social 

worker and everyone there. Once in the building he has second thoughts about doing it. Even 

looking at a young couple there with a child makes him now want to go through with it. But he 

goes through with it killing his mental health counselor and everyone else there. He then 

realizes he also shot and killed the woman he had feelings for. He escapes the building before 

police arrival.He holds up in his home regretting what he did. He hears on the news that police 

know who he is and are looking for him. Jonathan sees the ghost of his father and talks to 

him. Police are now on their way and he can hear them coming. He also listens to the news as 

he hears them list the names of the people who died. This drives Jonathan crazy and cries 

out. He then puts the gun to his head and as police are about to come in he kills himself. 




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