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Project Title:
Heart's Freedom

Posted: (4/4/2019)

Production Company/School:
Elbare Productions

Contact Person: Shani Elbare


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Tampa

The premise of Heart's Freedom is the following:

Scarlett discovers her taste for human chemistry, more so than consummating with her encounters. But, she takes a while to dicover this in her journey to being aware of her wants. 

Scarlett promised herself to be a virgin until someone special comes along, but as soon as she had an intimate conversation with a man, which turned into a steamy session... She turns into a maneater. Not understanding her deep psychological necessities, she becomes reckless, and seeks for professional help.

As for the vision to become a reality:

This project is still in it's pre-production stage. I will be the director of the film. What you will earn from this is experience, exposure, an IMdb credit, and of course, you will be recognized in the beginning, and end credits.  I'm expecting this project to be presented in a local location, and later on in the sundance festival in 2021. A work day on this project won't take longer than 2 hours, and it's on Wednesday to Friday at 4pm to 6pm, and for certain scenes 8pm to 10pm. I will be flexible to alter the schedule to meet everyone's needs though, if needed. It is also best if you live in Tampa to do this project, although I'm open to have people from places further out from Hillsborough county. I will be auditioning aspiring actors for scene 1 to 3 for two weeks (see below what characters you may audition for), beginning by next week on Wednesday, April 10th at 3pm at a location that would be revealed directly toward the interested party. There will be eight auditioning periods for eight different sections of the screenplay. Therefore, there will be a four month period  of auditions, throughout a year of the production period. Expected time to finish this project is next year of June 2020. Serious inquiries please! I hope to hear from everyone soon! 

Auditions for the following parts:

1. Scarlett: Female, age 20 to 30. Main character. Intelligent, sweet yet spicy, naive, and curious.
2. Dan: Male, age 25 to 30. First sexual encounter for Scarlett. Confident, charming, sensitive and bad boy vibes.
3. Joseph: Male, age 20 to 25. Scarlett's younger brother. Party animal but smart.
4. Sandy: Female, age 20 to 25. Bad girl type. Wild child.
5. Jerry: Male age 21 to 26. Jealous and clingy.
6. Corey: Male, age 22 to 27. Supportive character to Jerry 
7. Ian: Male, age 20 to 30. Alpha and protector. 
8. Police: Male, age 26 to 40. Stern, firm, and corny.
9. Psychologist: Female, age 30 to 45. Kind, understanding, nurturing, and patient.



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