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Project Title:
Ladies First

Posted: (4/12/2019)

Production Company/School:
New Lesbian Tv

Contact Person: Ashley Freeman


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Orlando

Centers on the lives of 5 friends Nina (Bi), Jordyn (Stud), Miles (Gay), Shantell (Lesbian), Camren (No Label) of the LGBT who share personal and professional experiences while facing controversy, diversity and triumphs within their community. The show is to bring love and laughter as well as awareness.

Nina- Fem/ mixed or Hispanic 
Works at a lawfirm, working to start her own firm. Caring, ditsy, corky, and hot maintenance. Loves to date A list people and loves to shop ,and pamper herself. Has strong ties with her room mates.

Jordyn- Stud/ African American just starting her own clothing line and shes well experienced marketer. Laid back relaxed personality, sarcastic, and outgoing .

Miles- Male/Gay, High class acting, make up artist and hair stylist/business owner. Acts like a diva. Fun outgoing, loves a good time, very wise and portrays as big brother.

Camren-No Label, very free spirit, loves to study marijuana and politics. Loves to exercise and do yoga. Very adventurous and self reserved. Has a close family oriented bond with Miles.

Shantell-Fem/Lesbian, has a campaigning business for the lgbt community. She's the more serious one and portrays as the big sister of the group. But she's sometimes overly consumed with the personal things circling around her own life. 

Syd- Stud, basketball player, great friend of Jordyn, outgoing, always traveling for her career, her goal is to become the next big WNBA player. She is also business partners with Jordyn. She enjoys being a single and living the bachelor lifestyle. 

Devin-Male/Gay Miles' love interest. Make-Up Artist and Brand Ambassador. Big support
system for Miles. Nice but also a diva. Not for the drama. Always trying to
keep Miles on track. Well respected.

Mrs. Cynthia: Camren's mother/ close relationship to her daughter. Very uppity personality. Unknowingly judgemental, sometimes fickle, real arrogant. Very protective.

Brooke: Lesbian/Fem: Camren's love interest. Ideal girlfriend, very sweet, open minded, she restores balance into Camren's life, very beautiful, and fruitful. 

Stylist 1- feminine
Miles right hand stylist. Nosey. Knows everybody’s business. Good with giving advice.

Stylist 2- feminine 
Attitudinal, nosey, loud and ghetto, crushes on Miles.



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