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Project Title:

Posted: (4/20/2019)

Production Company/School:
Forever Young

Contact Person: Bentley


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: low

Location: orlando, fl

Forever Young is looking for 2 females to complete an ethnic spice girl inspired group for an ongoing musical series project.

The project is in the short film category. Its style is suitable for a web series, with each episode disguised as a musically driven video message.

To audition you must be full of personality and available for summer rehearsals, recordings, video shoots, live broadcast via social media, and live performances.

An ability to sing is not required but it is a plus, however, you must be comfortable with learning choreographed dance.
Age: must be over 25
Role concept for female 1 is carefree, bubbly, and naïve.
Role concept for female 2 is tough, protector, and outspoken.

Must be willing to help promote the project and willing to travel. This has the potential to be a paid opportunity.
Please send an email with further questions.
The first round of auditions will be accepted by video submissions only. If you are green lit, you will then be invited for an in-person interview.

In your video submission, please include the following:
1. Name (preferably a stage name)
2. Age
3. A brief description of your taste in music.
4. A small sample of vocal ability (if applicable).
5. Reveal any prior dance training or performance experience. If you do not have formal training please assess/rate yourself on a scale from 1-10 on your dancing/choreography abilities. (10 being 100% confident in learning choreographed routines)
6. Please end your submission with your reason for auditioning and what your expectations are.
Thank you in advance and remember the key to success is confidence.

Shooting dates will be end of June and July. Rehearsals are weekends leading up to shoot depending on schedules. 



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