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Project Title:
Venture Capitalist

Posted: (7/1/2019)

Production Company/School:
Fearless Motion Pictures

Contact Person: Irene


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: paid

Location: Orlando



A Venture Capitalist returns to check up on his investments and leaves some to question what he’s really looking for. 

CHARACTERS (4): Any ethnicity. Each character has about 2 pages of script.

“Mr. Sanford” male, 50’s-60’s 

This quintessential Venture Capitalist is well established in his profession. A no-nonsense type who knows what he wants and expects. Comes across as firm and maybe a little blunt…but fair. He warms somewhat to those who earn his trust.  He asks direct questions and respects a direct answer, even if it’s “no.” Good with numbers. Can drill down to the heart of any matter and quickly learn what he does not know. This allows him to confidently come across as highly knowledgeable in almost any industry or sector. He highly values both Time and Money.

“Kayla” female.  mid’40’s-mid 60’s

She’s a hands-on owner operator restaurateur.  Was loaned two million to rehab and re-open a chain of three failed restaurants.  She’s confident and capable. Cuts through any fog to get straight to the point. Respectful, but with a slight edge — definitely not a pushover. A restaurant industry veteran who knows what works and what doesn’t who’s finally getting the chance to call her own shots.

“Shawn” Male, mid-30’s to late 40s  

Was loaned 50 million for a distribution company and turned it into 100 million with more expansion in the works. A self-starter with a sharp business acumen and a positive attitude. Has a good handle on what constitutes acceptable risk and is unafraid to act on such opportunities. Bold and Gentle at the same time and full of surprises.

“Patricia” Female, late 30’s-mid’40’s

Was given one million to expand availability of cataract surgeries to the lower castes in India. She’s quite capable and has a successful resume in non-profit humanitarian work. Still, she has a tendency to play it safe, especially when cultural or administrative hurdles seem too daunting. Fear tends to paralyze her. As a mid-level executive she tends to bow a little too easily to every whim of office politics. Every move is calculated which makes everything she does stilted and mechanical. 


  • We are primarily interested in an actor’s ability to convey the essence of each character.  Physical characteristics are a secondary consideration.

  • The first round of auditions will be through video submission; live auditions will determine final casting.

Video Auditions: Any format is fine as long as it doesn’t expire before August 5 (Date of Callbacks).

Callbacks: August 5, 2019
Callbacks Location: Orlando

Shooting Dates:  August 17, 2019 (Saturday) and possibly an additional day TBD.
Shooting Locations:  Greater Orlando Area

Pay: All roles are paid $100 for this self-funded, low budget independent film.
IMDb: There will also be IMDb credit for each actor once the film is complete.


Email your headshot, resume and name of character you’re auditioning for to:

I will reply with sides for that character.




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