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Michelle Viana


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Project Title:
My Doll

Posted: (7/19/2019)

Production Company/School:
Satori Productions

Contact Person: Sue Dontell


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Melbourne


A suspense film, full of trepidation, of a little girl losing her doll.  Short film, one day shoot.

Casting for the following roles:

John  25-35 yo Caucasian male, father to Sabrina (needs to match family)

Sabrina 6-10 yo Caucasian female, daughter to John (Younger looking the better, needs to match family)

Doctor  40+ yo any gender, any race, very empathetic

Funeral director 40+ yo any gender, any race, hard hitting

Ben 25-35 yo male, father to Crystal (needs to match family)

Crystal 6-10yo female, daughter to Ben (Younger looking the better, needs to match family)

Julie 25-35 yo female, wife to Ben (needs to match family)

***Send JPEG headshot attachment(label headshot with your name), Word or PDF resume without picture on it in attachment, DON'T send us to a site for a headshot and resume but may additionally send a link to reel. Please follow these directions to be considered for a part, we don't have time to go to listing sites. We do in-person auditions.  Send to

We will examine all headshots and resumes, decide who we wish to audition and give them a  specific time slot, sides will be given at that time for the actors to go to a quiet place to feel comfortable with the dialog and character.  They don't have to have it memorized.  Then, they will come in to audition. Children will be given a side ahead of time.  They will be asked to do a cold read, then given some direction and asked to do it again.  Actors will be contacted as to whether or not they have been chosen to play the role.  We will audition in Cocoa on Sat., Sept. 28, 2019. And film on a Sat in November, date to be determined.  This is a one day shoot for a short film.  Filming will be produced in Melbourne, FL.  There is no compensation.  However, cast will be fed and get a link to see the finished product they can download for their reels. We will also have a showing of the film for all cast, crew, family and friends once the edit is finished.



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