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Bella Beyer


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Project Title:
Anonymous Z

Posted: (8/15/2019)

Production Company/School:
Bad Commentary Media

Contact Person: Branden Brathwaite


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: see details

Location: Sanford/Oviedo area



In a world saturated with zombie films shows and books, Real zombies have surfaced, Paying for the perspectives and "knowledge" we’ve been led to believe about them. A recently bitten and now turned  George must accept his new reality In this now zombie world.

Character Description 

1. Hospital Receptionist

- Tired and indifferent, does not get up or raise her eyes from her magazine.

Female  (30+ years old)

2. George

- Main character, morally indecisive and recently turned zombie. He is ironically reluctant to zombie kind, and seeks comfort in this upside down world he’s exposed to.

Male (25-30 years old)

3. Barbara 

-  A human nurse George meets at the hospital, also head of Zombie support group.

She thinks with her heart and is a guide for others. Socially awkward as well as open-minded person. 

Female (25-30 years old)

4. Edgar

- Older and absent brother of George, newcomer of hate group in the story. Loves to practice use of weapons, ignorant towards Zombie kind, and seeks approval from his superiors.

Male (25-30 years old)

5. James

- A Zombie member in the support group, and partner of Shelley. An old soul, and almost sophisticated-like, he is the most aesthetically pristine looking zombie out of the group.

Male (30-40 years old)

6. Shelley

- A Zombie member in the support group, and partner of James.  She is the most “zombie” looking zombie of the group; even down to missing an arm, but her personality couldn’t be further from her demeanor; she is sweet and peaceful, as well as forgiving to people Bigoted to her.

Female (30-40 years old)

7. Tom

- The last Zombie of the support group, as well as the youngest. Tom is outgoing, cocky, and impulsive. Despite this he always means well and wears his heart on his sleeve.

Male (20-25 years old)

8. Hate Group Leader

- Visually anonymous, has others who work below him terrorize zombies at his command. Big and intimidating.

Male (30+ years old)

9. General Landis

- A reasonably anxious but harsh higher official, with little diplomacy.

 Male (40-50s years old)

10. Doctor O’dea  

- An ambitious but unforgiving scientist, who cares for the well being of all life.

Female ( 26-35 years old)

11. News Reporter (V/O)

An assertive and impartial voice

(25+ years old)

This is a NON paid role, IMDB and screen credit will be given, food will be provided on set, willing to work around dietary needs.

IMPORTANT: Must not be allergic to Talc Power and Latex or Fake Blood


TBD, Fall 2019

Schedules will be discussed.

Location: 4 locations

                 Sanford (2 locations)

                  Oviedo (2 locations)

Submit headshot and resume to



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