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Project Title:
Pretty Boy

Posted: (8/19/2019)

Production Company/School:
Southeastern University

Contact Person: Karilys Perez/Evgenia Filipchuk


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Lakeland



Pretty Boy is a drama/thriller film about a young woman reluctant to love but under the pressure of what her family will think of her, she pursues the perfect guy, or so she thinks.

The film takes place in present day. Layla is a young hispanic woman whose heart has been recently broken. It's taken her a very long time to recuperate from it but seems to have stayed stuck. In her hispanic family heritage, dating and marriage are two pretty big things. Her mother only want what's best for her not realizing that her way of "helping" has just placed this sense of pressure on Layla's shoulders. In order to make her family happy, she goes back into the dating world. She meets this man who seems to be the perfect guy and decides she is going to give him a chance. Unaware of what awaits her, she's pulled into a world full of dark twists and turns leading up to one of the biggest decisions of her life. But it's up to her, will she make the right choice?

Film Email: 

Filming Dates and Location:

Oct 11-13th 2019/Lakeland, FL

Possible rehearsal schedule:

Late September-early October (dates to be determined)

Roles that need to be cast:

Layla (Lead) Female, 18-25

Ethnicity: Hispanic

A sweet, funny and beautiful young woman, reluctant in opening herself up to love again, gives dating another chance in hopes to impress her family.

James (Lead) Male, 18-25

Ethnicity: Any

Handsome, well built and the charming "boy next door". He seems to have caught a liking to the new girl Layla and will do anything to get close to her.

Cynthia (Supporting) Female, 35-50

Ethnicity: Hispanic 

Layla's fun, energetic and witty mother. She loves her daughter and only wants what's best for her. Cynthia also finds herself in a new relationship and everything seems to be hearts and rainbows.

Howard (Supporting) Male, 35-50

Ethnicity: Any

He is well built, tall and handsome. He seems like a strong working man who loves his family. Very charismatic and funny.



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