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Project Title:

Posted: (9/1/2019)

Production Company/School:
Boots on the Ground

Contact Person: Anna Rae Lutz


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Orlando


ALIYAH is a true, current, experimental documentary. It is inspired by the official documents of Hanna Vdovikovska - a warrior mother and survivor of the Holocuaust.  Her granddaughter, Mila, is now a refugee from the conflict in Ukraine. With no home, Mila looks to immigrate to Israel to begin anew. Her grandmother buried her Jewish identity to save her life, and two generations later, Mila must dig it up to do the same.  Both Mila and her Mother were interviewed by our team in Lviv, Ukraine, in March of 2018. 

Please submit headshot/resumes to Reels and Relevant Videos will be accepted, but are not mandatory. Movers: Please include a BRIEF paragraph explaining why you are qualified and/or why you are passionate about the project. You will be contacted if an audition is booked, please include your email address in your submission.

Auditions will be held in mid-September, the film will be shot in mid-November. Must be local to Orlando, FL. Unpaid, Lunch provided.

Mila (Female, Ukranian, 35-55): Speaks Ukranian and English. Mila, a once an upper middle class Jewish mother, now finds herself a refugee. After escaping from a war that invaded her home, she seeks a safer life through immigration to Israel. In this moment, she is sitting with an American interviewer, and her translator, Olena. She is sharing her and her mother’s story, in hopes the exposure will bring justice to the persecution they have endured, and aid in her immigration process. She has been trying to gather documents to prove her identity, however her Jewish heritage has been buried out of necessity to survive. 

Olena (Female, Ukranian, 25-45): Speaks Ukranian and English. Olena is an unmarried woman in her thirties, which makes her a true cultural oddity, but her fierce independence and free thinking attitude have shaped a life of personal solitude and freedom. You can often find her laying still on her bed, wide awake, just thinking. She exercises her intellect in moments of wit and non-verbal condescension - a truly sassy woman. Though she intellectually defies many cultural norms, she doesn't like to have attention drawn to her when she is going against the flow. She just wants to live her life without drama, rudeness, or ugliness. She works for a humanitarian aid effort that aids Jews in crisis across the nation, she manages the money, and has never had to directly interact with the people she is helping. In this moment, Olena is translating an interview with Mila and an American interviewer. 

Movers (18+, all genders): The goal of the choreography is to unite these stories in the universal language of movement. Drawing on the complex history of Jewish people across Europe, the movement will visually embody decades of stories, and target a more visceral place within our audience.


  • Physical Theatre/Dance background

  • Strong acting skills through movement

  • Feel comfortable communicating emotion, conflict and objectives through movement

  • Open mind, student mentality

  • acrobatic/partnering experience prefered. 

  • Be comfortable lifting, and being lifted by other people

  • Be comfortable dancing barefoot



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