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Project Title:
The Veil

Posted: (10/6/2019)

Production Company/School:
Southeastern University - Senior Capstone Film

Contact Person: Delany Glass


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Lakeland

Film Description: The Veil is a visual film depicting Creation, Fall, Redemption. It is a
film that shows a parallel with the Garden of Eden and a more modern day story.

Shoot Dates: We are filming the weekend of  November 8-10. Auditions can be sent in video form or a phone/skype audition can be arranged. 

Food and Craft Services will be provided and actors will be reimbursed for gas to the shooting location.

Amber/Metaphorical Amber
- Female
- Mid 20’s
- Any ethnicity
- Amber is a newlywed , who starts to fall out of love with husband, Dalton, and has an affair. She feels terrible about what she’s done and goes to church and ask God for forgiveness.
- Metaphorical Amber portrays the Bride of Christ in the Garden of Eden. She is innocent and pure but presented with the forbidden fruit, she takes it.  In the end, Jesus has come and redeemed her. She walks through the church in her new found identity in Christ.

- Male
- Mid 20’s
- Any ethnicity
- Dalton is completely in love with his wife, but when he discovers his wife is cheating, he tells her that he’s going to fight for her. Dalton goes to church to pray for his wife, and when he sees her there at church sitting in the back,  he knows that God has answered his prayer.

Man In All Black (Satan)
- Male
- Early 20’s - 30’s
- Any ethnicity
This character is quickly seen before the fall in the Garden of Eden. He enticingly
presents the forbidden fruit to Amber. After she grabs it, he disappears.



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