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Project Title:
Church Hurt (The Documentary)

Posted: (10/7/2019)

Production Company/School:
BenMyr Media

Contact Person: Jennifer


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: see details

Location: Orlando

New Project Alert: This time Jennifer will be heading this project

We are seeking people to give their opinion on faith based matters. Share your beliefs on faith and religion. According new research and many articles, church attendance has been on the decline. We want to hear from everyday people like you. Why do you think church membership is on it's way down? Do you believe the many articles that say this?

Do you go to church? Why is it important to you and how did it change your life? 
Are you an atheist? Why? Do you believe religion is a crutch? Have you been hurt by church members, abused, taken advantage of, talked about or just witnessed hypocritical behavior?

Whether you have a particular religion or not, how do you think religion affects schools, politics, and society as a whole?

Looking for honest people who will speak freely and share their opinion and also share personal stories (good or bad) about your faith experience, if you have any. You may speak anonymously without showing your face.  

?This project only pays a fuel allowance. The documentary, however will be promoted heavily via social media and you will be given proper credit unless you choose to remain anonymous.

If interested please send headshot/pic, contact number and feel free to share a bit of your story or what you'd like to add this discussion.



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