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Doralis Mendez


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Project Title:

Posted: (11/1/2019)

Production Company/School:
Double Vision Pictures

Contact Person: Cass Henderson


Other Contact Info:
(813) 955-2990


Pay Info: see details

Location: Tampa

Boss 1 - Caucasian, male, late 50’s, must look well groomed and distinguished.

Boss 2 - Caucasian, male, late 50’s, must look well groomed and distinguished.

Kelly (Lead) - Black, female, 25-35, beautiful, athletic, intelligent, stoic woman who carries the weight of the world on her shoulders without issue on the outside, on the inside she is quietly dying as façade to be the strong black woman ultimately leads her to wanting to end the life that others often envy.

Ms. Jessie - Black, female, 60-70, kind, wise and loving older woman who sees through Kelly’s façade and waits in the wings to catch her when she falls.

Chris - Black, male, 25-30, athletic, handsome, appears stable, loving and caring but in reality he is an insecure low-life seeking to use Kelly to provide for his needs while he sleeps his way around town.

Friend 1 - Black, female, 25-30, thin build, natural hair

Friend 2 - Black, female 25-30, plus size, witty, natural hair

Lauryn - Black, female, 5-7, French braids, speaks articulately.

Child 2 - Black, male, 2-5

Child 3 - Black, female 2-5

Dan - Caucasian, male, 40’s, appears nice but is slightly condescending.

Trish - Black, female, late 30s, average build

Pastor - Black, male, late 50s, penetrating eyes, soft spoken

Background Talent - Guest at Kelly’s dinner. All ethnicities. Ages 25-55.


Shoot Schedule: January 18th-19th & January 25th-26th

Audition Date: Saturday, November 23, 2019 - role acceptance will be based on look. roles will also be appointment operated. 

***NOTE: please send your headshots to

Audition Location: Brandon Library- 619 Vonderburg Drive Brandon FL, 33511 - SUBJECT TO CHANGE. 

Payrate: To be discussed.



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