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Project Title:
Pates Baroni:Traveling Salesman Mini-Series

Posted: (11/19/2019)

Production Company/School:
The Lizard Room

Contact Person: Dylan Stewart


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: see details

Location: Kissimmee

PATES BARONI: TRAVELING SALESMAN is a five part web series about the  meat meisters: two homeless salesmen peddling meat door to door. The premise of the show is that each episode focuses on not just a new customer, but a new genre as well.

We are currently looking to cast the two leads to film a teaser trailer for the show to gather funding with intention of keeping the leads for the five part series of fifteen minute episodes to be distributed on IMDB TV or Amazon Video. Pay is negotiable for the filming of the teaser and each episode after but we are looking for serious actors that can commit to filming for the entire series that will shoot over the summer of 2020.

All actors 18 and older are encouraged to apply for either character as we are looking for a specific look and feel rather than exact age. We will be posting more casting calls with tons of characters to audition for down the road for the series itself so auditioning now could lead to another role in the show even if you aren't a fit for Pates or Spu.

If interested please email a resume and picture (doesn't need to be professional) and we will email you the sides for a video audition. Feel free to email with any questions as well.



is, above all, a delusional grifter.

A shifty-eyed, small-potatoes hustler who talks a lot of trash.

Profane and vulgar/disgusting trash that usually offends everyone around him. He’s narcissistic, pig-headed, and arrogant. The only thing keeping him from winding up dead in a gutter is his determination to succeed.

Driven entirely by self-interest and dollar signs, Pates will do anything to survive- He’ll steal, and when -- not if -- he’s caught he’ll bargain and lie as he fumbles through a mess of poorly-executed schemes.

Yet under all of this lies a real heart inside his lost soul.

He desperately wants to be loved – he’ll even be caring and compassionate to others, if that’s what it takes.


Pates innocent and sincere partner.

He’s a young and hyperactive person with a happy-go-lucky personality

Spu is very kind-hearted and rarely acts openly mean to anyone, even those who find him an annoyance and act cruelly to him.

He is a selfless and loyal person, especially to Pates.

He's optimistic and playful but very clumsy. Despite his lack of intellect, he’s a good listener and follows directions well. He’s also inexperienced, unable to detect lies or malice easily due to his naive nature.

This overt trust and gullibility make him impressionable and easily manipulated by people who intend to use and/or harm him. Spu’s clueless traits make him the perfect sidekick. Or slave.



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