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Project Title:
Sharlina's Blues

Posted: (8/31/2020)

Production Company/School:
Ambrose Films

Contact Person: Wade Cox


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: low

Location: Orlando, FL


Roles for Sharlina’s Blues


Sharlina – she’s 35, race unimportant, must be able to lip-synch.  Her character is an aspiring actress and a blues singer for a local band.  She is my murder victim.

Ted MacArthur – age/race unimportant.  Police detective investigating Sharlina’s murder.

Police Photographer – age/race/sex unimportant.  No speaking part, just take pictures.

David Larrimore – age/race umimportant.  Police detective, Ted’s partner.

John Brackish – 55, race unimportant.  Jogger who calls in the dead body.

Father – 60, Race unimportant, but must be the same as Sharlina.  Sharlina’father.  Ex-Cop.

Aspen – 12, played by Alanna Breault.

Ravi – east Indian male, 40.  The private detective investigating Sharlina’s murder.

Fuzzy – 30, male, race unimportant.  Thinks he’s God’s gift to women, two-bit drug dealer.

Jasper – 40, redneck male, fishing buddy.

Max – 30 male, race unimportant.  He is Sharlina’s boyfriend.  Foot Patrol cop.  Diabetic character, if the actor isn’t, that’s fine.  Won’t actually inject yourself, anyway.

Whisper – age unimportant, female.  Ravi’s office assistant.

Mandy – 30, female.  Is in a lesbian relationship with Sharlina.  Also does Morphine.

Oscar the cat – played by, obviously, a cat.  Don’t care whether it is male or female, nobody will see it that close.

Police Lieutenant – Male, 50.  The department head for Max.  Police officer.

Cop 1 – male, age/race unimportant.  Just a cop coming out of the bathroom.

Dr. Warren -50+, age/race/sex unimportant.  The medical examiner for the police department.  Shares information about Sharlina’s death.

Sgt. Julie Cole – 30, female.  Internal Affairs cop who investigates the boyfriend.

Please send headshots and film reel (if you have one) to the email listed above.  All auditioning will be done online, thanks to Coronavirus getting in our way.  If you don't have much film experience, I don't care.

I haven't started raising money for this project yet, so I haven't scheduled prospective shoot dates, and I don't know how much this project will pay, but it WILL pay something.



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