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Project Title:
Kenji: 2065

Posted: (9/14/2020)

Production Company/School:
Orlando Indepedent Filmmakers

Contact Person: Justin Rios


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: see details

Location: Clermont/Orlando

CASTING CALL for "KENJI:2065",a Sci-Fi based in the distant future in a City filled with Crime a mayor's daughter is kidnapped by a criminal clan.A detective was sent to go save her who used to be apart of the clan.Now, he has to face his past comrades as rivals...
Film Location:Orlando/Clermont area.
Shooting Dates:Early/Mid October.
Non-paid non-Union Gig...for lead and supporting roles we may be able to pay but very little.
Please Email me your resume, headshot, photo and Demo Reel/Stunt Demo Reel(if you have).Email me at using Title "Kenji:2065 Audition".For more details and/if you have questions, you can email me or text me at my phone number 352-573-7839.

Exclaimer - for the "STUNT ROLES" you don't necessarily have to be a professional stunt performer.All action/stunts in film will be rehearsed.Also, for the roles that have (Japanese Preferred), you don't have to be of that ethnicity/race and can still have a chance of getting the role if you audition ;)

We are looking to fill the following roles:
(LEAD ROLE) KENJI CREE: mid20's, detective, reckless, quiet, caucasian or asian(Japanese preferred).
(SUPPORTING) Anastasia Rizzo: mid/late 20's,Beautiful,short tempered, back talker,Mayor's daughter, caucasian/Italian.
(SUPPORTING) Mazoku Bosu: Late 30's/Mid 40's,tall,hateful,patient,Martial artist,Clan Leader,Asian (Japanese preferred).
(STUNT) Kazuo:Late 20's/Early 30's,slim/fit,martial artist,henchman,Asian (Japanese Preferred).
(STUNT) AJAX:Late 20's/Early 30's ,Assassin, sword/katana specialist, any ethnicity.
(BIT PART) Officer Sean Anderson: mid 30's/Older,Police Officer, Kenji's friend, slacker, overweight, any ethnicity.
(BIT PART) Inspector:Early 30's,Sean's friend, hardworking, mouthful, any ethnicity.



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