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Project Title:
A Bicycle Built for Two

Posted: (1/17/2021)

Production Company/School:
Southeastern University

Contact Person: Alicia David


Other Contact Info:
email please


Pay Info: no

Location: Lakeland


Longline: Adulting terrifies, but Amy has a plan - Law School. Getting in only means studying hard and leaving all the distractions behind -  even the things she is most passionate about.


Amy: lead, (early 20s)

A smart, goal oriented, but spontaneous girl who is learning to appreciate her own passion and talent for poetry.

Tim: lead, (early 20s)

A guy, people choose to notice, that has a weird passion for decorating old bicycles.   

Sarah: supporting, (teenager) 

A teenager who is always upset

Kacey: supporting, (early 20s) 

Aspiring poet that sees the world different compare to the rest of us

Karolina Forrest: supporting, (late 20s-early 30s)

A Poetry Publisher, woman of power with a kind heart


Shooting location: Lakeland, Fl

Shooting Dates: March 26-28, 2021

Non-paid but meals and crafty are provided

Send us your resume, portfolio and contact information and we will contact you back :)