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Project Title:
What really happened

Posted: (2/8/2021)

Production Company/School:
Southeastern Universtiy

Contact Person: Brian Trung Nguyen


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Lakeland


Hi everyone I'm producing a student shot film in the month of March (shooting date TBA) and I'm looking for actors in the Orlando Areas. This will be a non-union set, without pay but food will be provided



The film is about Brianna Hanover, a doctor at the Maverick sanatorium, who is interviewed about the events of January 6th, 2021, and how the sanatorium may be involved. However, during the interview Brianna begins to notice unnatural changes to the scenery as she begins to talk about the essence that may be behind the events of the 6th, only to realize that she herself has been hypnotized.


I'm looking for 2 actors

Support - Everett Hanover, Male, Any Ethnicity, 27 - 30 years old


Support - Adam Kingsley, Male, White, 40 - 45 years old


Please email with your resume and your reel if you are interested and we will get back to you!