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Posted: (4/25/2019)

Positions: PA, camera guys, audio tech and editors others

Title of Project: PA, camera guys, and sound tech and others needed

Production Company: Lookout Ent.

Contact Person: Kelsey Baptiste


Other Contact Info:


Pay (low/no/scale) : no

Location: Orlando

My name is Kelsey Baptiste and I'm looking for PA production assistants, camera guys, sounds techs, editors to help on my film productions and movies that I will be shooting in the near future.  all you need to do is have good equipment and time to get the work down. I do know all the rolls that come in each crew position I personally don't have the equipment to shoot the shorts and movies my self. I always tend to use the same people to shoot varies movies that I write if we get into a good partnership and good work ethics. 

if you are interested please email me and we can talking about moving forward and getting our work done and see thank you. 

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