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Posted: (5/7/2019)

Positions: camera, audio tech, PA

Title of Project: A House Divided

Production Company: Lookout Ent.

Contact Person: Kelsey


Other Contact Info: 407-480-1584


Pay (low/no/scale) : no

Location: Orlando

My name is Kelsey I'm local here in Orlando and also a filmmaker,  I'm shooting a short movie, the short is called "A house divided" its a drama short pretty easy. I'm looking to a camera guy to shoot the film and also looking for someone to do audio. dates have not been set having that I'm still looking to fulfill these positions first before I move forward with casting and shooting dates. 

As much as I know I wasn't to be able to shoot this short in 2 weekends of Friday and Saturday have it completed. 

The script have 26 pages and its all in one location. 

please shoot me and email or text me at the number above and we will go from there. thank you!

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