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Posted: (5/9/2019)

Positions: Editor/Co-producer

Title of Project: Kindred

Production Company: Hoover Drive Productions

Contact Person: Amy Rachelle Meador


Other Contact Info: 407-432-1262 phone


Pay (low/no/scale) : see details

Location: Orlando

Passion project/documentary needs Editor/co producer
Non-fiction IS stranger! My oldest friend adopted a wonderful 16 year old boy out of foster care. My childhood was harsh and after hearing what this kid went through, it freed me from a big trauma and gave me the fire that it desperately needed to change. I went to work on writing my pitch and over time became his godmother. 
I group funded, directed and filmed around ten hours of footage. There were deaths and illnesses that procrastinated post. Our volunteer editor dropped out so I tried to find another. Then Mike, my muse, was killed in a car accident. He was only 19. 
My partner could not proceed and it threw me for a while. But the kind hearted badass is back and know it’s a mission from something bigger I feel the need to finish and market. My partner was in charge of the website, then but let both expire. She was also the business and grant application person so those skills are a plus. Editing is the priority, I have FinalCut Pro 10 but am open to other software.
My modest indiegogo funds went to buying equipment and travel. I need divine intervention from anyone from student to pro who feels that protecting 500,000 kids by fighting to reform foster care is an essential project worth your time. Please re me.

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