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Posted: (12/16/2019)

Positions: Various. See details.

Title of Project: Rogue Chimera Films, LLC

Production Company: Rogue Chimera Films, LLC

Contact Person: Shiva Rodriguez


Other Contact Info:


Pay (low/no/scale) : see details

Location: Daytona Beach / Ormond Beach area


Rogue Chimera Films is putting together a Daytona Beach Unit crew for some up-coming film projects. This crew must be either local to the area or be willing to make the drive for meetings and shoots.

We’re currently looking for the following positions:

AUDIO / BOOM – On-set audio recording. (Experience is a must for this position.)

KEY MAKEUP – General makeup application. (No experience okay, will train.)

WARDROBE – Organizing the wardrobe area, handing out and collecting costumes, etc… (No experience necessary.)

COLORIST / GRADING – Post-production / Editing department. (Experience is a must for this position.)

VFX / CGI – Needed mainly for enhancing practical effects, compositing, etc.... (Experience is a must for this position.)

CRAFT SERVICES ASSISTANT – Assisting position that includes maintaining craft services table and transporting and serving meals on set. (No experience necessary)

PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS – General entry-level assistants for various departments. (No experience necessary)


Please send an email with resume to

If you don’t have a resume, please tell us a little about your interests and what position(s) you are applying for.


We produce a combination of unpaid and paid projects. Crews on paid projects are generally selected from people that we have worked with a few times on volunteer projects. (If you are only interested in working on the paid gigs, then you probably don’t want to apply for that reason.)

While we can’t provide copies of finished projects until they are released to the general public, we understand how important demo/sizzle reel footage is and we give that out quickly. Even if it means cutting some raw footage while the film is still in post.

We feed our crews. Quite frankly, we’re known for putting out good food and lots of it. (There’s a reason why we’re looking for someone to assist our very busy Craft Services lead.)

We think it’s silly that we should have to mention that you’d get credit for your work. That should go without saying. We also list our eligible projects on the IMDb.


Rogue Chimera Films operates both in Florida and Virginia. We work mostly in the horror, dark comedy, and fantasy genres.

We have been producing one film project a year and plan to increase that by two or three starting in 2020. Our short films have screened in many festivals around the world and we also make it a point to submit to as many festivals that we can in the areas that are local for cast and crew. (Our latest film, “The Guild” was shot in both FL and VA and was recently screened in Orlando and Tampa as well as Richmond.)

We have a couple feature scripts in development for production in the future.

Rogue Chimera also operates The Magic of Horror film festival in Richmond, VA and have plans to start a sister festival in the Northeast Florida area.

For everything you could ever want to know about us, please visit our website at

We can also be found on Facebook at

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