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Posted: (3/14/2017)

Positions: Costume Designer, Prop Maker

Title of Project: DYSTANT

Production Company: B Films LLC

Contact Person: Brandon Cobian


Other Contact Info:


Pay (low/no/scale) : see details

Location: Orlando

My name is Brandon and I am a local filmmaker. I am working on a new Sci-Fi short film that takes inspiration from Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner. The shoot dates are going to be between April - May. 

I am looking for people who are interested in working in this genre and who have a knack for either costume or prop making. The project would consist of: 

* Designing an aesthetic for main/secondary characters
* Creating the costumes 
* Designing/Creating or Altering props to fit the genre (Ex: guns, grenades, knives)

This is a passion/fan project. It is not a paid gig, however I will cover the costs of materials required to make the products. Due credit will be given and this project is intended to be submitted into Film Festivals both locally and nationally. 

Please email me with links or photos of your work, and some favorite Sci-Fi movies or Animes (if any). Send emails here:

Here is my website if you'd like to see my previous work (Photography/Filmmaking)

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