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Posted: (4/4/2017)

Positions: Producer, Cinematographer/DP, Sound/Boom, Production Designer, Production Assistants

Title of Project: Untitled Crime Thriller

Production Company: Project 10:16 Films

Contact Person: David Kashner


Other Contact Info: 717-421-5631


Pay (low/no/scale) : see details

Location: Casselberry

Looking for a go-getter PRODUCER who wants to be part of something big.  MUST be highly organized and able to put together locations and gather resources as needed.  This story is hot and I have already had interest in the final short for funding with this as a feature.  Have IMDB credits to back yourself.

Cinematographer/DP- Looking for someone who has equipment (camera, lenses, lighting) and able to shoot gritty night scenes.  Please have a reel.  I have some lighting (red heads), and a few lenses (summilux MFT, and sigma art AF 18-35).  

Sound/Boom- i need someone familiar with sound editing (Izotope RX or Adobe Audition) to clean up sound in post.

Production Designer- Need someone to transcend the look of the film.  

I have been accepted to mid-level film festivals, and my last film was the most nominated and most awarded film at the OIF valentine's day challenge.  This film will be bigger.

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