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Posted: (4/19/2017)

Positions: Camera Operators, Boom Operators, Lighting

Title of Project: So, You Want to Be in Pictures?

Production Company: Robert J. Smith Productions

Contact Person: Robert J Smith


Other Contact Info: 407-508-0200

Website: http://www.IMDb.Me/RobertJSmithIII

Pay (low/no/scale) : no

Location: Groveland

Volunteer gig for the Orlando 48 HFP.  The opportunity to earn double the IMDb credits as well as the opportunity to work with Kim Kahana, Sr., a Hollywood legend.

One-day shoot on Saturday, April 29, 2017!

We've got a great crew so far, and we're always looking to add more quality people to this and other fun projects at great locations.

While the competition rules dictate that all positions MUST be volunteer, we'll be able to provide everyone with both hot and cold food as well as water and soft-drinks.

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