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Posted: (7/11/2017)

Positions: Camera Operators, Boom Operator, Grips and PA's.

Title of Project: Chains in the Attic

Production Company: Terminal 52 Films

Contact Person: Kelly D. Weaver


Other Contact Info:


Pay (low/no/scale) : no

Location: Orlando


Central Florida Crew Call

Terminal 52 Films is gearing up for their next film project "Chains in the Attic". A murder mystery and the first film in a four feature film series "Crescent City Chronicles". 

Filming will begin on August 5th and ends on Sept 9th (Weekend shoots only).

Here are the crew positions we need filled:

Two Camera Operators (Canon T5i and T4i)
Boom Operator 
Location Scout

If you are interested please email us at: and Let's Get It!

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