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Posted: (11/25/2018)

Positions: All positions open

Title of Project: New Webisode Coffee or Tea? show

Production Company: bUneke Magazine

Contact Person: Lynn Kinnison Casting Director & Exec Producer


Other Contact Info:


Pay (low/no/scale) : see details

Location: Orlando, Fl

Attn: Camera Operators, 
         Hair & Makeup Artists, 
         Video Editors, 
         Lighting & Sound
         Production Assistants.

Coffee or Tea? show Web Series

We currently have a small crew and are looking to expand.
We are willing to train.

Please send resume asap and contact us for details, we are currently auditioning talent and will begin shooting in February 2019

Visit us on YouTube @bunekemagazine
And on our website at to see our media and what we are creating!

We are looking for sponsors to make this a paying gig

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