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Posted: (1/2/2019)

Positions: Producer, AD, DP, AC, PA, Sound Recordist, Location manager

Title of Project: Nailah Short Film

Production Company: Francky Studios LLC

Contact Person: Francky Noelma


Other Contact Info: 407-486-5059


Pay (low/no/scale) : no

Location: Orlando


This short Film is about an immigrant girl, who was brought to the U.S. by her mother to live with her and her stepfamily. She was sexually abuse by her stepfather and physically and verbally abuse by her mother. This is fictional and will be using current events to make connection with the audience and the message we are trying to push and about the lives of immigrants in the U.S. and the everyday dangers they face.


This is a NON-paid position, IMDB and screen credit will give, lunch and crafty will be provided. Caribbean food for lunch and dinner, those with special dietary needs will be getting food of their choice.  2 consecutive days of shooting. Planned to shoot on the weekends, Sometime this month or February.


Special Screening: TBD

Location: Orlando FL

Dates: TBD


Film will be available on YouTube and Facebook and Festivals.

Position we are looking to filled. 


Assistant Director

Director of Photography

Camera Assistant

Production Assistant

Location Sound Recordist

Location Manager

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