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I Am a Sex Addict   (released 5/25/2006)
By Ali Imran Zaidi

      My first introduction to Caveh Zahedi was through his short vignette in the Richard Linklater experimental animated film, Waking Life. I loved the film for its mind-numbing meanderings through the subject of dreams, reality, spirituality, and human existence, but I didn't understand who Caveh was, and more importantly, what he was doing in the film. As I explored him some more, I discovered someone who, quirky and self-indulgent though he is, is at the same time a very interesting filmmaker. Yes, some of his work is not very accessible, so to speak, such as In the Bathtub of the World, which essentially is a video diary – you can guess how an hour and a half of that can get exhausting. However, riddled throughout all of his works are bits of dialogue, ponderings and observations, mostly wrapped around Caveh's own humorous, self-deprecating self, that are very insightful, interesting, and even poignant.

      I Am a Sex Addict gives you more of Caveh, and quite possibly more than some people will want. As always, he opens himself up completely, exposing a side of himself that few would have the steel to. Essentially an autobiography with a focus on his own gradually evolving sex addiction, Caveh, with humor, gall, and a lot of self-deprecation, takes us on a journey that is interesting, embarrassing, voyeuristic, hysterical, touching and, well, blush inducing. And pretty much in that same random order. But it's this random order – this train-of-thought structure that makes I Am a Sex Addict engaging and challenging to watch. Caveh never allows you to simply watch and revel; he keeps you thinking, whether about himself or yourself, with his insights, ponderings and observations. Now how much of this tale is true? With Caveh it's hard to say; it's what he's known for – blurring the lines between autobiography and fiction. I think it's irrelevant though; after all, aren't all autobiographies peppered with fiction?

      If you've enjoyed any of Woody Allen's works from the late 70s and early 80s, you will definitely enjoy I Am a Sex Addict. Full of deceptively layered wit and sharp observations about the filmmaker himself and humans in general, this film is Caveh Zahedi at his best. If you've never seen any of his films, this is actually a great starting point. Also, be sure at some point to check out his vignette in Richard Linklater's Waking Life. But in the mean time, check your shame at the door and go see this one. You will laugh.

Ali Imran Zaidi is a filmmaker, writer and web developer - shooting, banging on keyboards, and making web sites in the Orlando area.

I Am a Sex Addict is playing at the DMAC in downtown Orlando.

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