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Blindogg Productions, LLC is casting for Unfinished Business: Kilroy Was Here

Terminal 52 Films is casting for Unity: A New Dawn Episode 5 and 6

New Actors is casting for Frat. Brothers Surfing

Archived News

(released 1/11/2021)   Life Screenings One Minute Film Festival
(released 1/11/2021)   Free Screening of Arctic Dogs in Oviedo
(released 12/16/2020)   Universal Studios Ready For Production
(released 10/15/2020)   Melbourne Film Festival runs October 15-17, 2020
(released 10/7/2020)   Tribeca Accepting Submissions Including Games
(released 9/21/2020)   Date Night Movie at Leu Gardens
(released 9/14/2020)   Melrose Film Festival 2020 Starts This Week
(released 7/21/2020)   Film Festivals in the COVID-19 Era
(released 4/9/2020)   South of Central Streaming Now
(released 3/27/2020)   Orlando Film Festival Entry Deadline Approaches
(released 3/24/2020)   Orange County Library Provides Streaming Options
(released 3/24/2020)   Orlando Fringe Festival 2020 Is Cancelled
(released 3/24/2020)   All Filming in Miami-Dade Suspended
(released 3/6/2020)   Woman In Motion Screens at Athena Film Festival
(released 2/4/2020)   Life Screenings is Accepting Submissions
(released 2/4/2020)   Snap! Hosting Hollywood Photog Douglas Kirkland
(released 2/1/2020)   Oscar Nominated Short Films on Tour
(released 1/30/2020)   Blues Brothers Screening at A La Cart
(released 1/30/2020)   Mark the Calendar and Bookmark Miami Film Festival
(released 1/29/2020)   First Film Slam of 2020 at Orlando Museum of Art
(released 1/29/2020)   Filmmaker Activist to Talk at Rollins
(released 12/23/2019)   Miami Jewish Film Festival is January 9-23
(released 12/23/2019)   Move Your Feet to Screen Dance Miami
(released 12/23/2019)   NATPE Miami is January 21-23 at Fontainebleau
(released 12/11/2019)   10th Annual St. Augustine Film Festival
(released 12/11/2019)   SB 530 Passes First Hurdle Toward Film Incentive
(released 12/10/2019)   Acting Classes at the Orlando Public Library
(released 11/26/2019)   Free Holiday Movies at Lake Eola
(released 11/15/2019)   Miami's Borscht 0 is November 15-24
(released 11/15/2019)   Life Screenings at the Winter Park Library
(released 11/7/2019)   Headshots for Free in Orlando This Sunday
(released 11/4/2019)   Free Screening of Mary Poppins Returns
(released 10/28/2019)   FSU Presents Veterans Day Film
(released 10/28/2019)   Shriekfest is November 2nd in Sanford
(released 10/28/2019)   Quarterly Film Florida Meeting in December
(released 10/24/2019)   Senate Bill 530 Submitted For Film & Entertainment
(released 10/24/2019)   Nightmare Before Christmas - Saturday at Lake Eola
(released 10/18/2019)   Plethora of Panels at Orlando Film Festival
(released 9/30/2019)   Florida State Film Program Auditions
(released 9/20/2019)   Free Outdoor Films at Pier 60 in Clearwater
(released 9/20/2019)   First Film Review Tampa is September 26
(released 9/19/2019)   Free Screening of Bombshell The Hedy Lamarr Story
(released 9/18/2019)   Global Peace Film Festival Is Now thru Sunday
(released 9/18/2019)   Orlando 48 Hour Film Project Winners
(released 9/17/2019)   Women in Film & TV Meeting at Marlow's Tavern
(released 9/17/2019)   Popcorn Flicks Showing Abbott and Costello
(released 9/16/2019)   CENFLO Film Festival is September 27-29 in Mt Dora
(released 8/28/2019)   Hurricane Forecast - Be Prepared
(released 8/26/2019)   Movieola Free Screening of Coco on September 13
(released 8/26/2019)   Movie Nights at A La Cart - Milk District
(released 8/26/2019)   Free Acting Classes at the Public Library
(released 8/13/2019)   Cinnabar presents Ratcatcher at City Arts
(released 8/13/2019)   Life Screenings at the Winter Park Library
(released 8/8/2019)   Tampa Premiere of The Peanut Butter Falcon
(released 8/6/2019)   Nine Years of Comedy at the Improv
(released 8/3/2019)   Free Screening of Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire
(released 8/3/2019)   The Goonies - Free Screening at A La Cart
(released 7/8/2019)   48 Hour Film Project Coming Soon
(released 7/1/2019)   Screening: Creature from the Black Lagoon
(released 7/1/2019)   Melrose in the Mix Brings Onry Ozzborn
(released 7/1/2019)   Devil Wears Prada and Craft Cocktails
(released 6/18/2019)   Women in Film & TV Wednesdays
(released 6/18/2019)   Acting for the Camera Classes at the Library
(released 6/18/2019)   Summer School, the Entertainment Edition at Will's
(released 5/14/2019)   9th Miami Media and Film Market is June 4-7
(released 5/14/2019)   American Black Film Fest is June 12-16 in Miami
(released 5/13/2019)   Orlando Film Festival Last Call for Entries
(released 5/13/2019)   Orlando Urban Film Festival is May 24 & 25
(released 5/13/2019)   Movie Night at Leu Gardens is June 7
(released 5/13/2019)   Miami Stories - 90 Second Film Contest
(released 5/12/2019)   Movie Mondays at A' La Cart
(released 4/22/2019)   Acting for the Camera Classes at the Library
(released 4/22/2019)   Wall-E is Screening for Movieola
(released 4/22/2019)   Popcorn Flicks in the Park presents Batman
(released 3/28/2019)   Florida Film Festival 2019 Highlighting Florida
(released 3/27/2019)   Sarasota Film Festival is April 5-14
(released 3/22/2019)   Weekend Highlights for Gasparilla Film Festival
(released 3/12/2019)   Palm Beaches Student Showcase of Films Finalists
(released 2/21/2019)   FL Senate Bill 526 Passed Committee, Under Review
(released 2/21/2019)   48HFP Filmapalooza is Coming to Orlando
(released 2/14/2019)   Gloria Estefan Acting in One Day at a Time
(released 2/11/2019)   Miami Film Festival Looks Strong at 36
(released 2/7/2019)   Shaft to Open American Black Film Festival
(released 1/31/2019)   Zimmern List Comes to Orlando
(released 1/21/2019)   Rooftop Screening Tribute to Burt Reynolds
(released 1/18/2019)   Sick 'n' Wrong Film Festival Is Accepting Entries
(released 1/18/2019)   Shriekfest is Accepting Submissions
(released 1/16/2019)   Love Your Shorts Film Festival is February 7-10
(released 1/16/2019)   Tax Tips for Writers at the Library
(released 12/10/2018)   Saint Augustine Film Festival is January 17-20
(released 11/5/2018)   Holiday Cinema Outdoors
(released 10/18/2018)   5 Film Related Things for Halloween Season
(released 10/11/2018)   20th Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival
(released 10/9/2018)   Orlando Film Fest runs October 18-25 in Downtown
(released 9/28/2018)   Yvonne Suhor - A Florida Acting Light
(released 9/5/2018)   Miami Film Festival Hiring Seasonal Team Members
(released 9/5/2018)   One Minute Film Festival in Downtown on Sept 29
(released 8/15/2018)   The Suicide of James Rider Screenings This Weekend
(released 8/10/2018)   Stage Managers and Sound Designers Paid Work Here
(released 8/10/2018)   UCF Student Create Sketch'd Out
(released 8/10/2018)   Orlando Shakespeare Job Openings
(released 8/10/2018)   IRONMAN is next Popcorn Flicks in the Park
(released 7/12/2018)   OWN drama David Makes Man to Shoot in Orlando
(released 6/27/2018)   New Florida Cinema presents Short Film Screening
(released 6/20/2018)   Free Screening of Indiana Jones Temple of Doom
(released 6/7/2018)   The Melrose Center Accepting Submissions for Fest
(released 6/7/2018)   YouTube Workshop at the Orlando Library
(released 5/18/2018)   Jumanji at the Gardens
(released 5/18/2018)   Life Screenings at Winter Park Library
(released 5/18/2018)   American Black Film Festival is June 13-17
(released 5/7/2018)   Open Call for CNBC show DEAL OR NO DEAL
(released 5/7/2018)   History of Film Meetup at Melrose Center May 16
(released 4/16/2018)   NEW Burt Reynolds Institute opens in N. Palm Beach
(released 4/11/2018)   Movieola Screening Schedule Announced
(released 4/5/2018)   Jaie Laplante Recognized by King Felipe VI
(released 4/3/2018)   5 Film Slang Terms To Get You Set Ready
(released 3/26/2018)   Do you need a permit to film in Orlando?
(released 3/26/2018)   4 Florida Film Festivals that Make Our State Shine
(released 3/20/2018)   ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Screening Outdoors
(released 3/7/2018)   Miami Film Festival Runs March 9-18
(released 3/6/2018)   Open Mic Comedy Competition in Naples
(released 3/6/2018)   Rockin Robinson Putting Music in Your Milk
(released 3/6/2018)   Boynton Beach Short Film Festival Set for April
(released 3/6/2018)   Nuremberg Documentary Screening March 9 in Naples
(released 12/13/2017)   75th Golden Globe Award Nominations
(released 12/13/2017)   Florida Project Ties NY Film Critics Best Picture
(released 12/9/2017)   First Ever Milk District Moovie Night
(released 11/6/2017)   Watch Tampa's Joe Davison On Stranger Things 2
(released 11/3/2017)   Burt Reynolds Opens Ft Lauderdale Film Festival
(released 11/3/2017)   The Florida Project Nominated for 3 Gotham Awards
(released 10/30/2017)   Uncomfortable Brunch with Dead Ringers Do Over
(released 10/30/2017)   Women in Film & TV Meetings for November
(released 10/30/2017)   Orange County Library Writers Group
(released 10/30/2017)   Holiday Movies at Lake Eola for December
(released 10/16/2017)   12th annual Orlando Film Festival Starts Thursday
(released 10/6/2017)   Spooky Empire Brings Horror and More October 27-29
(released 9/28/2017)   Irma Causes Double Film Slam on October 15th
(released 9/28/2017)   Have Horribly UNcomfortable Brunch This Sunday
(released 9/18/2017)   Thursday is Anime Night at Bikkuri
(released 9/18/2017)   Celebrating Actors & Writers with Play de Luna
(released 9/18/2017)   The Chew at EPCOT Food & Wine Festival
(released 9/5/2017)   Life Screenings One Minute Film Festival
(released 8/31/2017)   Global Peace Film Festival Looking for Volunteers
(released 8/31/2017)   Robert Carradine & John Ashton at CenFlo Film Fest
(released 8/31/2017)   New Florida Cinema Screening September 6th
(released 8/31/2017)   Netflix Lands Letterman
(released 8/29/2017)   Comedian Tight Mike Taking to the Airwaves
(released 8/29/2017)   Final Two Film Slams Coming Sept 10 and Oct 15
(released 8/28/2017)   Uncomfortable Brunch with Dead Ringers
(released 8/11/2017)   Enzian Film Slam is this Sunday 13th
(released 8/8/2017)   American Idol Auditions in Orlando on August 17
(released 7/31/2017)   WIFT Holding Meetings Throughout State
(released 7/27/2017)   Preacher Lawson on America's Got Talent
(released 7/25/2017)   I Know Who You Are to Premiere in Lakeland
(released 7/25/2017)   Free Screening of Shakespeare in Love
(released 7/10/2017)   On Camera Acting Classes at the Library
(released 7/10/2017)   Sunday Night Summer Movies in Kissimmee
(released 6/28/2017)   Get Your Video on the Local PBS Station
(released 6/26/2017)   WIFT Orlando Meeting is Wednesday
(released 6/20/2017)   Downtown Library: Learn Writing Short Fiction
(released 6/20/2017)   Beauty and the Beast Flicks in the Park July
(released 6/13/2017)   Val Kilmer Touring Florida with Cinema Twain
(released 6/13/2017)   Movieola Returns for Summer Screenings
(released 6/7/2017)   Anime Nite Orlando presents Anime of Trigger
(released 6/7/2017)   Photographers Downtown Orlando Photo Contest
(released 6/7/2017)   PULSE: A Film Slam for the Community June 11
(released 5/30/2017)   ARRIVAL - Outdoor Screening this Friday Night
(released 5/30/2017)   Panel on Anime Then and Now
(released 5/30/2017)   Orlando Comedian Preacher Lawson on NBC Tonight
(released 5/18/2017)   The Florida Project Making Waves at Cannes
(released 5/17/2017)   Sarasota County Film Hiring
(released 5/9/2017)   Tampa Bay Community Network is Hiring a Producer
(released 5/2/2017)   Florida's Anime Festival Orlando @ Wyndham in June
(released 5/2/2017)   More Q than A presents Bikes vs. Cars
(released 5/2/2017)   UCF Film Program Showing Student Works
(released 5/2/2017)   David Lynch Tribute Art Show at the Falcon
(released 5/2/2017)   Tony Awards Nominations Announced
(released 4/17/2017)   Screening a Collection of Locally Made Films
(released 4/3/2017)   Sunscreen Film Festival hosts McDermott & Zuniga
(released 3/28/2017)   Rory Kennedy Opens Sarasota Film Festival
(released 3/14/2017)   Stars Set for Sarasota Film Festival Appearances
(released 3/13/2017)   Films with Nature Themes at Downtown Library
(released 3/10/2017)   Ghost in the Shell Tribute at Anime Night Orlando
(released 3/6/2017)   Richard Gere Opens the Miami Film Festival
(released 2/27/2017)   PwC Statement Regarding Oscars Flub
(released 1/31/2017)   E-Incubator Breakfast is February 3rd at the Betsy
(released 1/28/2017)   Iraq Director Hassan Cancels Miami Fest Attendance
(released 1/25/2017)   Spencer and Reynolds to get Hasty Pudding Pots
(released 1/24/2017)   89th Oscar Nominations Announced
(released 1/10/2017)   Tampa Film Commission Now Part of Visit Tampa Bay
(released 12/15/2016)   Original Scores announced for Oscar Eligibility
(released 12/13/2016)   Miami Film Festival Highlighting Women Filmmakers
(released 12/1/2016)   Critics Choice Awards Gala is December 11 on A&E
(released 12/1/2016)   Winter Film Festival - Free at Orlando Library
(released 11/21/2016)   Film Florida Quarterly Meeting in Orlando
(released 11/7/2016)   CBS Honoring Garry Marshall on The Odd Couple
(released 10/31/2016)   Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival Winners
(released 10/26/2016)   On Set with the Cast and Crew of The Coffer
(released 10/26/2016)   Winners from the 2016 Orlando Film Festival
(released 10/20/2016)   Strong Florida Ties at Orlando Film Festival
(released 10/13/2016)   'Te Ata' Opening the Orlando Film Festival
(released 10/13/2016)   G-Star Studios has Episodic Project in House
(released 9/29/2016)   Living Room Screening on October 10
(released 9/1/2016)   UPDATED: Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival
(released 8/25/2016)   Millie Bobby Brown Coming to Spooky Empire
(released 8/18/2016)   Will The Real Mica Sloan Please Stand Up wins Slam
(released 8/10/2016)   Producing Workshop by St Pete Clearwater Commish
(released 8/10/2016)   Reel Royce brings Relationship Gameshow
(released 8/2/2016)   Women in Film's Summer Mix and Mingle
(released 7/29/2016)   Tampa Bay Comic Con Brings Screen Stars August 5-7
(released 7/29/2016)   Bloodline Reps Florida in this year's Emmy Awards
(released 7/27/2016)   48 Hour Film Project "Best of" Screening & Awards
(released 7/18/2016)   Next Enzian Film Slam is August 14
(released 7/18/2016)   48 Hour Film Project Screenings are This Weekend
(released 7/15/2016)   Movie Eola Brings Jurassic World and Minions
(released 7/15/2016)   Manasota Films Mixer and Screening July 20
(released 7/13/2016)   Central Florida Film Network Meeting & 48HFP
(released 7/13/2016)   Orlando Filmmaker's Coalition at Truthful Acting
(released 7/7/2016)   Film Florida Elected New Leaders
(released 6/21/2016)   WIFT Quarterly Meeting includes Filmmaking Panel
(released 6/14/2016)   Mayor Announces OneOrlando Fund for Pulse Victims
(released 6/13/2016)   Melvin wins Film Slam for June 2016
(released 5/30/2016)   Zara's Read Me will Show at Vero Beach Festival
(released 5/18/2016)   48 Hour Film Project Orlando Set for July
(released 5/3/2016)   UCF Film is Screening BFA Student Capstone Shorts
(released 4/28/2016)   Blue Starlite holding Prince Tributes
(released 4/28/2016)   Tampa Pitcher Show Fundraiser
(released 4/28/2016)   Boykins Premieres "These Dark Days" at Enzian
(released 4/15/2016)   West Side Story screening in Loch Haven Park
(released 4/15/2016)   Anime Night Orlando: Osamu Tezuka Night at Bikkuri
(released 4/12/2016)   Edgewater HS PTSA is having a Family Movie Night
(released 4/4/2016)   City of Orlando presents Inside Out at MOVIEOLA
(released 3/30/2016)   Gasparilla Celebrates 10th Year with Rita Moreno
(released 3/11/2016)   Sarasota Honoring Sophia Loren with Legend Award
(released 3/9/2016)   Epic Film Slam on Sunday, March 13
(released 3/9/2016)   3 Year Anniversary of Anime Nite Orlando
(released 2/15/2016)   Mike & Molly's Billy Gardell in town this Weekend
(released 2/7/2016)   21st Annual Valencia Film Celebration This Weekend
(released 2/4/2016)   Propeller Anime is Gettin' Medieval
(released 1/25/2016)   Free Writing Class at Library with Ken Eulo
(released 12/29/2015)   Universal Celebrates with Harry Potter Talent
(released 12/9/2015)   Full Sail Recognized in The Hollywood Reporter
(released 12/2/2015)   Vargas Starts 2016 Film Slam Season on Sunday
(released 12/1/2015)   Holiday Movies at Lake Eola Amphitheater
(released 11/18/2015)   Craft Film Fest this Weekend in St. Pete
(released 11/13/2015)   Orlando Celebrates Ghost in the Shell
(released 11/2/2015)   Valencia Hiring Senior Instructional Asst in Film
(released 10/6/2015)   Final 2015 Film Slam is Sunday October 11
(released 10/5/2015)   G-Star starts Cell Phone Film Festival in PB
(released 9/22/2015)   Thompson's Amerigo Screens at Covey Film Festival
(released 9/17/2015)   Valencia College Tribute to Ralph Clemente
(released 9/15/2015)   A Production House Diversifies Product Offerings
(released 9/7/2015)   ABC's The Chew Taping at Epcot Center in October
(released 9/1/2015)   Tech Talks: Tech Central September Film
(released 9/1/2015)   Central Florida Film Festival is Labor Day Weekend
(released 8/26/2015)   G-Star Student Selected to Latino Short FF in NY
(released 8/24/2015)   Original Orlando Actor in Straight Outta Compton
(released 8/20/2015)   Orlando Shakes Invites Everyone to Sing-A-Long
(released 8/17/2015)   Pat Greene co curates Art in Odd Places
(released 8/12/2015)   All is Lost Wins the August Film Slam
(released 8/9/2015)   Film Slam - August 9th - Enzian Theater
(released 8/4/2015)   WIFT Summer Quarterly Meeting at DAVE School
(released 8/1/2015)   Love My Shorts Film Festival Summer Rewind -Aug 28
(released 7/28/2015)   Huffine Kickstarting Psycho-Drama "Pinhole"
(released 7/28/2015)   Diltz's The Donor Premieres August 6
(released 7/21/2015)   A+E Networks Accepts Scripted/Unscripted Concepts
(released 7/17/2015)   See 'Full Circle: Before They Were Famous' at Snap
(released 7/17/2015)   Thompson attached to Doc about Nichelle Nichols
(released 7/16/2015)   Film Florida Elects Board of Directors
(released 6/24/2015)   Help Banks Helfrich Make an Elephant Movie
(released 6/21/2015)   Carterpillar wins Film Slam for June
(released 6/21/2015)   Orlando 48 Hour Film Project Returns
(released 5/29/2015)   Fred Zara's Read Me screens June 7 at Enzian
(released 5/24/2015)   NYTVF Independent Pilot Competition Taking Entries
(released 5/20/2015)   The Gift wins the May Film Slam
(released 5/18/2015)   Final Three Shows - Late Show with David Letterman
(released 5/14/2015)   Enzian Film Slam is Sunday, May 17
(released 5/7/2015)   Spooky Empire Brings Halloween to May-hem
(released 4/18/2015)   UCF Film Program's Year End Screening Showcase
(released 4/16/2015)   Music of the Movies Free Concert
(released 4/8/2015)   Oren Moverman Highlights Opening of Sarasota FF
(released 4/8/2015)   MegaCon Indie Film Expo is this Weekend
(released 4/6/2015)   Evening with Bob Balaban at Florida Film Festival
(released 4/6/2015)   30 Year Film Educator, Ralph Clemente, Has Died
(released 3/19/2015)   Enzian Announced Florida Film Festival Film Lineup
(released 3/16/2015)   Gasparilla: The Film Festival That Could
(released 3/16/2015)   A Hero Within Won the March Film Slam
(released 3/10/2015)   Next Film Slam is Sunday March 15
(released 3/5/2015)   Full Sail Hall of Famers include 2 from Film & TV
(released 2/24/2015)   The Interview won February Film Slam
(released 2/16/2015)   Film Florida Organizing Rally in Tally 2015
(released 2/13/2015)   Valencia Film Program Celebrates 20 Years
(released 2/2/2015)   Free Filmmaker Panel February 14, 2015
(released 1/26/2015)   Harry Potter Actors at Universal Orlando this Week
(released 1/15/2015)   Until Tomorrow wins January Film Slam
(released 1/7/2015)   January Film Slam is Sunday 11th at the Enzian
(released 1/5/2015)   Library Hiring Digital Content / Videographer
(released 12/15/2014)   Creative Inlet Wins Film Slam with Dirty Justice
(released 12/11/2014)   Spend the day with Dickens. #Dickens
(released 12/1/2014)   Film Florida Quarterly Meeting is December 10-11
(released 12/1/2014)   CineMagic Screenings at the Winter Park Library
(released 11/20/2014)   Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase - November 22-23
(released 11/10/2014)   Central Florida Jewish Film Festival runs 15-17th
(released 11/5/2014)   Banks' Latest Film Screening at Asheville Festival
(released 11/3/2014)   Missionary has Local Premiere / Release to VOD
(released 10/30/2014)   Freak Show Horror Film Festival Winners Announced
(released 10/18/2014)   Freak Show Horror Film Fest is this Horror Weekend
(released 10/13/2014)   Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival Winners
(released 10/8/2014)   Melbourne Festival Entertains with Bollywood Theme
(released 10/7/2014)   Final Film Slam of the 2014 Season is October 19th
(released 9/20/2014)   Down the Road wins September Film Slam
(released 9/12/2014)   Film Slam is Sunday, September 14
(released 9/9/2014)   48 Hour Film Project Screening Time in Orlando
(released 9/8/2014)   Niki Welge named State Film Commissioner
(released 8/21/2014)   The Trade wins August Film Slam
(released 7/28/2014)   Life in Darkness Wins July Film Slam
(released 7/21/2014)   Jusino Productions' The Trade to Premiere Saturday
(released 7/13/2014)   The Film Slam has its July 20th Lineup
(released 7/13/2014)   48 Hour Film Project is Back in Orlando
(released 7/11/2014)   HBO's Project Greenlight Is Back
(released 7/5/2014)   Shea Helping Share What Pat and Billy Are Drinking
(released 6/30/2014)   Golem by Laputka Films wins June Film Slam
(released 6/28/2014)   June Film Slam is Sunday the 29th
(released 6/17/2014)   Brian William's Anaconda Don't Want None Unless...
(released 6/14/2014)   Michelle Hillery Named President of Film Florida
(released 5/23/2014)   NAB wrap-up @Adrenaline Films May 27, 2014
(released 5/23/2014)   Enzian Screens Adira - Local Alums Feature
(released 5/1/2014)   May the 4th Be with the Film Slam
(released 4/21/2014)   Florida Film Festival Award Winners
(released 4/2/2014)   Ken Burns speaking April 7, 2014 @ Rollins
(released 3/28/2014)   Senator Detert Speaks for Florida Film Incentive
(released 3/25/2014)   17 Representatives/1 Senator for Florida Film
(released 3/19/2014)   19th Annual Valencia Film Celebration
(released 3/6/2014)   "Focus on Locals" Calling All Locals
(released 2/27/2014)   Florida Film & Entertainment Incentive Info 4 All
(released 2/6/2014)   Short Films Compete This Sunday at Enzian
(released 1/8/2014)   Film Slam is January 12th at the Enzian
(released 12/26/2013)   Free Workshops for Working and Aspiring Filmmaker
(released 12/3/2013)   First Film Slam of 2014 Season
(released 11/22/2013)   Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase Weekend
(released 11/7/2013)   7 Lives of Chance at Daytona Beach Film Festival
(released 10/31/2013)   November 7 Be in Tallahassee for Legislation Wrap
(released 10/20/2013)   Orlando Film Fest Award Winners
(released 10/5/2013)   Film Slam Lined Up for October 13th
(released 10/5/2013)   Cassadaga Gets Limited Release Including Orlando
(released 9/23/2013)   Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival Winners
(released 9/18/2013)   Downtown Library Free 5 Week Screenwriting 101
(released 9/17/2013)   10 Years of Global Peace Film Festival
(released 9/7/2013)   Film Slam Lineup for September 15th Released
(released 8/30/2013)   NBC Universal Pictures' Writers Fellowship
(released 8/24/2013)   Validation Theory Wins Slam, Attendance Record Set
(released 8/24/2013)   Florida Film Festival Accepting Submissions
(released 8/7/2013)   Orlando 48HFP is Weekend of August 23-25
(released 8/4/2013)   August Film Slam is Sunday 11th
(released 7/19/2013)   Bittersweet Wins July Film Slam
(released 7/19/2013)   Central Florida Film Fest Lures Celebs to Ocoee
(released 7/19/2013)   State Film Commissioner Kerrigan Resigns
(released 7/9/2013)   Film Slam is July 14th
(released 6/20/2013)   June Film Slam Winner is Aishiteru
(released 5/15/2013)   Film Slam Lineup for May 19th
(released 4/18/2013)   Winners of the 2013 Florida Film Festival
(released 4/4/2013)   Florida Film Fest Offers Wide-ranging Forums
(released 4/3/2013)   Strong Weekend Planned for Florida Film Festival
(released 3/14/2013)   March Film Slam Winner is The Guy Knows Everything
(released 3/4/2013)   Film Slam is Sunday, March 10th
(released 3/1/2013)   Orlando Filmmakers Represent at Cinequest
(released 2/26/2013)   Darren Ockert Documentary Wins February Film Slam
(released 2/26/2013)   48 Hour Music Video Project Opened Registration
(released 2/19/2013)   Jamie Foxx Unchained on the Oscar Stage
(released 2/14/2013)   Starlite Film Festival Opened with Robin Cowie
(released 2/14/2013)   Rockabilly Zombie Weekend Premieres This Weekend
(released 2/13/2013)   Sunset Studios Having Film Fundraiser Downtown
(released 2/13/2013)   Rick Springfield Doc Having Encore at Enzian
(released 2/13/2013)   Third Love Your Shorts Film Festival This Weekend
(released 2/11/2013)   Next Film Slam is February 17th
(released 2/5/2013)   Doomsday County on DVD Tuesday, February 12
(released 1/27/2013)   Insight to Strengths Won January Film Slam
(released 1/24/2013)   Global Peace Screening Brother Outsider Doc
(released 12/5/2012)   2013 Film Slam Season Starts December 9
(released 11/8/2012)   Brouhaha Showcase is November 17 & 18
(released 10/10/2012)   Fair Trade Film Festival : October 13-17
(released 10/8/2012)   Final Film Slam of 2012 is Sunday
(released 10/2/2012)   Extras Call for October 4th 2012 Universal Studios
(released 9/23/2012)   Echoes of Regret Wins September Film Slam
(released 9/10/2012)   Jacksonville FMPTA Shorts Showcase open call
(released 9/10/2012)   Director Robert Townsend crew call for Miami
(released 9/8/2012)   Orlando Premiere of Line of Sight
(released 9/3/2012)   Film Slam is September 9th @ Enzian
(released 8/31/2012)   Paid Extra Roles 'Magic City" in Miami
(released 8/23/2012)   Magic City open call August 25th and 26th, 2012
(released 8/23/2012)   UCF Fall 2012 Actor Call
(released 8/5/2012)   Schedule Set For August 12th Film Slam
(released 7/21/2012)   Algermissen Won July 8th Film Slam
(released 7/6/2012)   8 Shorts Queued for Sunday's Film Slam
(released 6/30/2012)   48 Hour Film Project Has Opened Registration
(released 6/9/2012)   Film Slam is June 10th at the Enzian
(released 5/20/2012)   Undead Apocalypse Trailer and Pics Available
(released 5/15/2012)   Film Slam is Back May 20
(released 4/17/2012)   FFF: Free Film Forums at Florida Film Festival
(released 4/17/2012)   FFF: Springfield Doc Sells Out Two Festival Shows
(released 4/4/2012)   Deadline for Nicholl Fellowships is May 1st
(released 4/4/2012)   FFF: Barry Levinson and Cloris Leachman Attending
(released 3/31/2012)   FFF: Renee to Open 2012 Florida Film Festival
(released 2/25/2012)   ReRe-Animated Wins February Film Slam
(released 2/25/2012)   Tampa Bay Comic Con is March 3 & 4
(released 2/9/2012)   Love Your Shorts Film Fest This Weekend
(released 2/8/2012)   Valencia Hosts Brazilian Film Festival
(released 2/7/2012)   Valencia Film Celebration is February 16 and 17
(released 2/7/2012)   Megacon Indie Film Expo is Feb 17
(released 2/7/2012)   Film Slam is February 19 at Enzian
(released 2/7/2012)   Stars North Fundraising for The Highwaymen
(released 1/4/2012)   Film Slam Lineup for January 8th at Enzian
(released 12/16/2011)   The Pursuit Wins December Film Slam
(released 12/11/2011)   Burt Reynolds Highlights Institute Classes
(released 12/7/2011)   First Film Slam of 2012 is December 11th?
(released 12/1/2011)   TV ME! Contest Deadline is December 31
(released 10/19/2011)   Italian Key screening at Orlando Film Festival
(released 10/12/2011)   Happy Hour Wins October Enzian Film Slam
(released 10/12/2011)   UCF Participating in Home Movie Day on Saturday
(released 10/6/2011)   October 9th Film Slam Has 9 Films
(released 10/5/2011)   Legends 2 Premieres October 30
(released 10/4/2011)   Cassadaga to Premiere at Screamfest LA
(released 10/2/2011)   Enzian Selected for Sundance USA Program
(released 10/2/2011)   Clive Barker Headlines Freak Show Film Festival
(released 9/30/2011)   Strip And Gut is the Best Film at 48HFP Orlando
(released 9/30/2011)   Zombietoberfest Takes Over Audobon Park
(released 9/28/2011)   Orlando Film Festival Opening Film Announced
(released 9/24/2011)   Larry Silverberg to Teach at Truthful Acting
(released 9/21/2011)   I Met With An Accident - Orlando Premiere
(released 9/18/2011)   Global Peace Film Festival is September 20-25
(released 9/18/2011)   United Arts Grant Writing Workshops Are Coming
(released 9/18/2011)   48 Hour Film Project Orlando to Announce Winners
(released 9/17/2011)   Manhattan Short is September 26 at the Enzian
(released 9/17/2011)   17th Annual South Asian Film Festival is Oct 1 & 2
(released 9/16/2011)   Florida Film Festival is now Accepting Entries
(released 9/13/2011)   Broken Triangle Wins September Film Slam
(released 9/6/2011)   Film Slam is Sunday September 11
(released 9/2/2011)   Locally Shot Film Screens at CenFlo Film Festival
(released 8/24/2011)   DiViNCi from Solillaquists Wins August Film Slam
(released 8/8/2011)   Film Slam Lineup for August 14 at Enzian Theater
(released 7/31/2011)   MTV Begins Production on In Betweeners
(released 7/20/2011)   Freak Show Submission DEADline Looms
(released 7/19/2011)   48 Hour Film Project is August 12-14 in Orlando
(released 7/11/2011)   Freedom Ride wins July Film Slam
(released 7/5/2011)   Film Slam is July 10 at Enzian
(released 7/3/2011)   24 Hour Orlando Film Festival Winners
(released 6/28/2011)   Enzian Theater wins United Arts Matter Contest
(released 6/24/2011)   SeaWorld Pictures Releases First Film in Orlando
(released 6/12/2011)   O'Neill's Captain Finn Wins June Film Slam
(released 6/10/2011)   ideas Opens New Post Audio Mix Room
(released 6/10/2011)   Indican Pictures Acquired Rights to The Tenant
(released 6/8/2011)   Film Slam Lineup for June 12 at Enzian Theater
(released 6/5/2011)   Production Gear Swap Meet at FFT on June 25th
(released 6/5/2011)   Terry Cronin to speak at FMPTA Meeting on June 13
(released 6/2/2011)   Partnership Between BCC & UCF Keeps PBS in Orlando
(released 5/16/2011)   Arnali Wins Film Slam with SoulSwitch Music Video
(released 5/10/2011)   Film Slam is May 15th
(released 5/5/2011)   The Tenant is Screening at the Athens Theatre
(released 4/19/2011)   Florida Film Festival Award Winners
(released 4/11/2011)   Florida Film Festival Forums and Freebies
(released 4/8/2011)   Caminer Attending Tanzania: A Friendship Journey
(released 4/7/2011)   Edward James Olmos to Attend Florida Film Festival
(released 3/31/2011)   4th Valencia Brazilian Film Festival
(released 3/30/2011)   Alan Arkin will be at Florida Film Festival
(released 3/27/2011)   Florida Indies are Theme at 20th Florida Film Fest
(released 3/23/2011)   Red Tide & Dead by Friday highlight Valencia Films
(released 3/22/2011)   Vestiges Wins March Film Slam
(released 3/14/2011)   Film Slam Lineup for March 20th
(released 3/7/2011)   Tooth Fairy 2 Wrapping Production in Orlando
(released 2/28/2011)   High School Student Wins February Film Slam
(released 2/28/2011)   Helfrich Uses Balloon Art to Kickstart Project
(released 2/24/2011)   Enzian Film Slam is Sunday, February 27th
(released 2/17/2011)   Full Sail Grad Honored with ASC Award
(released 2/9/2011)   Director Reps Orlando in Global Collaboration Film
(released 1/10/2011)   Campus Movie Fest Coming to Florida
(released 1/10/2011)   Documentary Soup Wins January Film Slam
(released 1/8/2011)   First Film Slam of 2011 is Sunday at the Enzian
(released 12/27/2010)   FMPTA Sponsoring a SAG Presentation (updated)
(released 12/15/2010)   Best of Brouhaha Announced for Florida Film Fest
(released 11/29/2010)   19th Brouhaha is Saturday and Sunday at Enzian
(released 11/23/2010)   9th Annual Jingle Mingle is Wednesday, December 8
(released 11/22/2010)   Stars North's Crooked Won 2 Awards in November
(released 11/22/2010)   Award Winning 2:22 Distributed through IndieFlix
(released 11/18/2010)   Elizabeth Anne Wins November Film Slam
(released 11/10/2010)   Final Film Slam of 2010 - End of an Era
(released 10/29/2010)   Orlando Film Fest Runs November 3-7
(released 10/22/2010)   Film Slam Results from October 10th
(released 10/7/2010)   Average Community on DVD October 12th
(released 10/7/2010)   October Film Slam is 10 - 10 - 10
(released 9/29/2010)   Zellwood Nearing Completion and Trailer Online
(released 9/27/2010)   Manhattan Shorts to Screen at Enzian on Wednesday
(released 9/27/2010)   Florida Film Festival Call for Entries
(released 9/27/2010)   FREAK SHOW Horror Film Festival Lineup Announced
(released 9/22/2010)   Central Florida Film Festival 2010 Winners List
(released 9/22/2010)   Winners of the 2010 Orlando 48 Hour Film Project
(released 9/14/2010)   'AFTER: The Kellie Greene Story' Wins Film Slam
(released 5/13/2010)   Bermejo To Teach Hip Hop Music Video Workshop
(released 5/5/2010)   Film Slam is Sunday, May 16 at Enzian
(released 4/30/2010)   House and Senate Pass Film Incentive Bill to Crist
(released 4/23/2010)   Free Screening of Much Ado About Nothing
(released 4/20/2010)   Winners Announced for 19th Florida Film Festival
(released 4/20/2010)   Orlando Hispanic Film Festival Discontinued
(released 4/20/2010)   Yellow Rick Road to shoot Rick Springfield Doc
(released 4/13/2010)   FFF Industry Forums on Thursday & Friday
(released 4/12/2010)   Bomber Screens Twice at Florida Film Festival
(released 4/9/2010)   Whisper Home is Wrapped and Working on Final Edit
(released 4/9/2010)   Cassel and Rowlands Highlight Cassavetes Night
(released 4/6/2010)   Wise and Company Wrap on Tribulation
(released 4/6/2010)   Sunscreen Brings Hollywood Celebs for Actors Track
(released 3/29/2010)   Florida Film Festival to provide Live Video Stream
(released 3/24/2010)   Letters To God Releases April 9th Nationwide
(released 3/18/2010)   Cronin Dishes a Preview of Adventure Chefs
(released 3/16/2010)   UCF alum's Hope for a Thorn Screens at Gasparilla
(released 3/15/2010)   Jitters wins the March Film Slam
(released 3/12/2010)   MegaCon 2010 This Weekend at OCCC
(released 3/10/2010)   FFF2010 Announces Opening Night Guests & Film
(released 3/9/2010)   Casting Male Comics to host Late Night Spike TV
(released 3/8/2010)   Enzian Film Slam is Sunday, March 14th
(released 3/4/2010)   Ghostbusters part of Free Movie Night Downtown
(released 3/4/2010)   FFF Announces American Independent Features Lineup
(released 3/2/2010)   Audience Needed March 4th at Universal Sound Stage
(released 2/25/2010)   Florida Film Festival has a Video Contest
(released 2/24/2010)   Stars North Wins First Place at Film Slam
(released 2/17/2010)   Scruffy Murphy's will try its hand at a Film Night
(released 2/12/2010)   Valencia Film Celebration - Friday and Saturday
(released 2/8/2010)   Film Slam Schedule Set for February 21st
(released 2/4/2010)   History Center Hosts Film & TV Exhibit
(released 2/2/2010)   6th Annual OLA Fest includes Acts of Mercy
(released 1/25/2010)   January 10th Film Slam Winners
(released 1/25/2010)   HB 697 Introduces New Entertainment Incentive Bill
(released 1/9/2010)   First Film Slam of 2010 is Sunday
(released 12/4/2009)   Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase is Dec 5 & 6
(released 12/4/2009)   Jingle Mingle event is December 16 at Enzian
(released 11/24/2009)   NL Presents RoboDoc Released to DVD
(released 11/23/2009)   November Film Slam Results
(released 11/5/2009)   Orlando Film Festival is Now thru Sunday
(released 10/26/2009)   The Sacred Is Screening 2 More Times This Week
(released 10/12/2009)   Orlando Hispanic Film Festival Winners
(released 10/7/2009)   Film Slam is Sunday October 11th at Enzian
(released 10/7/2009)   2:22 Has 3 Premieres in 3 Weeks
(released 10/5/2009)   Indie Cinema Showcase Begins Airing This Week
(released 10/1/2009)   Godbout Premiere of Dark Tales is October 25th
(released 9/30/2009)   The Sacred to Premiere October 13 at Plaza Cinema
(released 9/16/2009)   The Transplanted Life Won September Film Slam
(released 9/8/2009)   Film Slam #9 is Sunday, September 13th
(released 9/8/2009)   Marie Conchita Alonso to Attend OHFF
(released 8/18/2009)   Sketchbook to Screen 'Average Community' at Enzian
(released 8/17/2009)   Flying Dog's World on Fire Won August Film Slam
(released 8/11/2009)   CenFlo Film Fest Announces Seminars and Films
(released 8/11/2009)   Florida Film Festival Announces Call for Entries
(released 8/5/2009)   August Film Slam is Sunday the 9th
(released 7/29/2009)   I Hate Hip Hop Screening at Enzian on Sunday
(released 7/19/2009)   It's Orlando 48 Hour Film Project Time Again
(released 7/8/2009)   Vacant Seats Florida Film Ent Advisory Council
(released 7/8/2009)   The Next Film Slam is Sunday, July 12th
(released 6/22/2009)   Charity Benefit Screening of Serenity in Daytona
(released 6/22/2009)   The Darndest Things Wins Film Slam
(released 6/9/2009)   NBC Holding Stand-up for Diversity Auditions Miami
(released 6/5/2009)   Film Slam is Sunday, June 14th at Enzian
(released 6/2/2009)   ABC New Mark Burnett Show Shark Tank Open Call
(released 5/31/2009)   Applications for 2009/10 Incentives Online June 1
(released 5/25/2009)   Local Producer's Film Opens Plaza Cinema
(released 5/25/2009)   Check out the local short Clark's trailer
(released 5/25/2009)   Sunscreen Awards This Man's Life with Best Florida
(released 5/20/2009)   Coffee & Pie Wins May Film Slam
(released 5/18/2009)   5th Annual Indie Film Jam Award Winners
(released 5/13/2009)   Updated: Plaza Cinema Cafe Pre-Opening Festivities
(released 5/13/2009)   Film Slam Lineup for Sunday, May 17th
(released 5/11/2009)   2nd Quarter 2009 Urban Music & Film Conference
(released 5/5/2009)   5th Annual Indie Film Jam is May 14th-16th
(released 4/30/2009)   Sunscreen FF hosts Rooker, Cobbs This Weekend
(released 4/30/2009)   Reel Dreams' The Tenant Trailer Available
(released 4/28/2009)   Second Coming's DVD Release is June 30th
(released 4/21/2009)   Film Slam Winners for April
(released 4/14/2009)   UCF's Ladybug will screen at Red Stick
(released 4/13/2009)   April Film Slam is this Sunday the 19th
(released 4/7/2009)   2009 Florida Film Festival Award Winners
(released 3/25/2009)   Florida Film Festival 2009 Is Here
(released 3/16/2009)   Blindsided: 5 Years from Shoot to Run on HBO
(released 3/12/2009)   First in the Place, Two in the Bush
(released 3/7/2009)   Free Acting Workshop at Orlando Library
(released 3/4/2009)   Enzian Film Slam #3 is This Sunday
(released 2/28/2009)   J Fair 2009: Japanese Art & Film Festival
(released 2/27/2009)   Film Day in Tallahassee
(released 2/25/2009)   1st Thursday Event to Showcase Art of Film Making
(released 2/19/2009)   IDEAS moves from Disney to Downtown Orlando
(released 2/19/2009)   MegaCon Indie Film Fest Begins Friday, Feb 27th
(released 2/10/2009)   Actor Randy Molnar's Film at 2009 Berlinale
(released 2/9/2009)   February Film Slam Winner is Head in Hands
(released 2/6/2009)   February Film Slam is Sunday the 8th
(released 2/4/2009)   14th Valencia Film Celebration starts February 13
(released 2/2/2009)   OLA-Fest Brings Latino Film & Culture to Downtown
(released 2/2/2009)   SAG Workshop and Q&A for Indie Producers
(released 2/2/2009)   OHFF Hosting Free Screening and Workshop
(released 1/20/2009)   City Loans Company $6MM for Downtown Theater
(released 1/13/2009)   Operation Yellow Badger wins first Film Slam of 09
(released 1/12/2009)   Writer Alyn Darnay Workshop at the Library
(released 1/12/2009)   FFEAC Conference Call January 29th
(released 1/10/2009)   Free Movie Passes to Defiance
(released 1/8/2009)   This Sunday Award Show presents new Statuette
(released 1/5/2009)   Film Slam I am I am
(released 1/3/2009)   FFEAC Conference Call January 8th
(released 12/30/2008)   Get your G.O.A.T. on New Years Eve
(released 12/17/2008)   Tampa Film Review No More A letter from Guzzo
(released 12/8/2008)   MIFF Winners Announced
(released 12/8/2008)   FFEAC 4th Quarter Meeting is Wednesday
(released 12/1/2008)   Gremlins in Winter Park's Central Park this Friday
(released 12/1/2008)   Splash into Florida's Talent Pool
(released 12/1/2008)   Mid-Florida Writers Group meets in Lake Wales
(released 12/1/2008)   Lake Wales Library Screening Polar Express
(released 11/10/2008)   The Adventures of Larry & Tina Wins Film Slam #11
(released 11/6/2008)   Final Film Slam of 2008 is this Sunday at Enzian
(released 10/28/2008)   Stars North Premieres This Man's Life
(released 10/18/2008)   Palm Beach Festival Opens Student Call for Films
(released 10/18/2008)   Orlando Hispanic Film Festival Winners
(released 10/9/2008)   Commissioner Fernandez to open OH Film Fest
(released 10/9/2008)   Film Slam #10 is Sunday, October 12th
(released 10/9/2008)   Abyssmal Releasing Hoodoo For Voodoo
(released 9/18/2008)   September Film Slam Winners
(released 9/9/2008)   Dudley, not Pupsock, to Screen at Smithsonian
(released 9/9/2008)   Lineup for Film Slam on Sunday at Enzian
(released 9/9/2008)   RoboDoc Will Screen in Local Theaters
(released 8/26/2008)   Irizarry Wins Theme Song Contest
(released 8/13/2008)   Tyger! Tyger! Burning Bright
(released 8/11/2008)   Pupsock & Wendell Short Screening at Palm Springs
(released 8/11/2008)   FFEAC Quarterly Meeting in Long Boat Key
(released 8/7/2008)   ReelDreams Wraps up The Tenant
(released 8/6/2008)   8 Films Slotted for Film Slam on August 10th
(released 8/2/2008)   Morris On Cutting Edge with Gutter King
(released 7/21/2008)   Oviedo Chickens wins Film Slam
(released 7/20/2008)   On-set Visit to The Cradle at Celebration Hotel
(released 7/9/2008)   July Film Slam is Sunday the 13th
(released 7/8/2008)   48HFP Comes To Orlando
(released 7/3/2008)   Incentive Money Available For Florida Indies
(released 7/3/2008)   Three New Appointees Announced For FFEAC
(released 6/30/2008)   Freak Show Will Honor George A. Romero
(released 6/10/2008)   Distribution Panel at the Library on June 11th
(released 6/10/2008)   Perseverence Pays Off For Banks Helfrich
(released 6/5/2008)   June Film Slam is this Sunday the 8th
(released 6/3/2008)   Film Florida Events Run June 9th-11th in Orlando
(released 6/3/2008)   FAB Actor Annie Kidwell on Radio Show This Sunday
(released 5/27/2008)   13th Annual Valencia Film Celebration This Weekend
(released 5/26/2008)   Money for your Art / Film Project
(released 5/22/2008)   Indie Film Jam Hits the High Note
(released 5/20/2008)   Open Call for Gong Show Hosted by Dave Attell
(released 5/19/2008)   2008 Indie Film Jam Award Winners
(released 5/13/2008)   Horror Short MINA Wins Film Slam #5
(released 5/12/2008)   Recount Premiere Screening in Jax on Wednesday
(released 5/10/2008)   Encore Screening of Award Winning Cuba Libre
(released 5/9/2008)   Clearwater Radio Show Talking Film This Sunday
(released 5/9/2008)   OHFF Presents Free Panel Discussion for Actors
(released 5/8/2008)   Sunday's Film Slam Schedule
(released 5/8/2008)   Web of Haxan Keeps Spinning
(released 5/5/2008)   Double Premiere at USF on June 7th
(released 4/29/2008)   State Incentive Funding Lowered to $5 Million
(released 4/27/2008)   Schedule for Indie Film Jam Released
(released 4/22/2008)   Who's Your Monkey To Hit DVD Shelves May 6th
(released 4/21/2008)   Bay Two Gallery Combines Art, Music, and Film
(released 4/17/2008)   Bright House Seeking Films For Local Broadcast
(released 4/15/2008)   Actors and Producers Begin Talks
(released 4/15/2008)   Film Slam Sets Record; The Mess Wins
(released 4/8/2008)   2008 Florida Film Festival Awards
(released 4/8/2008)   Local Agent Kirsten A. Dalrymple to be Remembered
(released 4/7/2008)   Film Slam #4 Takes Place on April 13th
(released 3/31/2008)   Calling all Creatives
(released 3/23/2008)   Finesse Mitchell speaks at Orlando Public Library
(released 3/23/2008)   Valencia / KD Entertainment Wrap Out on Parole
(released 3/20/2008)   Audience Voting Open for Palm Beach Student Films
(released 3/15/2008)   Visual Effects Discount for Florida Filmmakers
(released 3/13/2008)   Doc to Coincide with Women's History Month
(released 3/13/2008)   Orlando Homecoming for Benjamin Piety
(released 3/7/2008)   Avid Presents HD Workflows at Full Sail
(released 3/6/2008)   Masterson To Attend Florida Film Festival
(released 3/4/2008)   Spike TV to Broadcast TNA iMPACT Live
(released 3/4/2008)   Bousman Selected Among Directors of Fear Itself
(released 2/28/2008)   FFEAC Legislative Conference Call Re-Scheduled
(released 2/27/2008)   Young @ Heart will open Florida Film Festival
(released 2/26/2008)   "Unexpected Art in our Lives" from Brian Feldman
(released 2/21/2008)   Jennifer Aniston Owen Wilson Extra Call Begins
(released 2/21/2008)   Enzian Hosts DeRosa's The Air I Breathe
(released 2/15/2008)   Popcorn Flicks Presents The Color Purple
(released 2/12/2008)   Tallahassee to host NBCs Nashville Star Open Call
(released 2/11/2008)   Film Slam #2 Winners Announced
(released 2/11/2008)   Lucia Fishburne Is Named State Film Commissioner
(released 2/10/2008)   Ben Piety Takes Sunlit Shadows to Sundance
(released 2/10/2008)   Chip Monk's Son Justin Born
(released 2/8/2008)   Films selected for 2008 MegaCon Indie Film Expo
(released 1/20/2008)   Kid Cast Announced for Crimebusters
(released 1/17/2008)   Deadline for Indie Film Jam is January 31st
(released 1/17/2008)   FFEAC Teleconference Call - Jan 18th AM
(released 1/11/2008)   New Web Series Palmetto Launched
(released 1/10/2008)   Film Slam Program for January 13th
(released 1/8/2008)   Axium Abruptly Closes Doors
(released 1/7/2008)   Sydney White to Hit the Shelves Jan 22nd
(released 1/2/2008)   KSFilms Starting New Year with short Mina
(released 12/20/2007)   State Film Office hiring Incentives Administrator
(released 12/20/2007)   Loco Dawn Premieres Origami Deathmatch
(released 12/20/2007)   Local DVD Releases For The Holidays
(released 12/14/2007)   Stars North Wraps This Man's Life
(released 12/13/2007)   National Student Television Awards Deadline Soon
(released 12/12/2007)   Four Film Slammers Go To Florida Film Festival
(released 12/11/2007)   Film, TV Stars with Roots in Comedy on South Beach
(released 12/10/2007)   Interviews for Film Commissioner to be Public
(released 12/3/2007)   State Conference Call for Digital Media Industry
(released 11/29/2007)   Stars North Ready To Roll on This Man's Life
(released 11/28/2007)   Michelle Marx Appointed to Advisory Council
(released 11/28/2007)   Thanks To You 107 lbs of Food Donated
(released 11/21/2007)   Brouhaha Showcases Florida Filmmaking Talent
(released 11/17/2007)   United Arts Awards Grants for 2008
(released 11/14/2007)   Filmmakers and Friends Feed Families (updated)
(released 11/14/2007)   Orlando Film Community Loses a Member (updated)
(released 11/14/2007)   Variety Relocates to Silver Lining Studios
(released 11/13/2007)   Film Slam #11 Winner; Grand Slam Lineup
(released 11/7/2007)   Final Film Slam of 2007 Is This Sunday
(released 11/7/2007)   Popcorn Flicks Thursday Night
(released 10/24/2007)   Joe Pantoliano at Orlando Fest To Promote Canvas
(released 10/24/2007)   Katharine Leis Nominated for Emmy
(released 10/22/2007)   Enzian Salutes The Art of Guerrilla Filmmaking
(released 10/20/2007)   Abyssmalween is Saturday, October 27 in Downtown
(released 10/16/2007)   Freak Show Film Festival This Weekend In Orlando
(released 10/15/2007)   Film Slam Has Record Attendance; untitled Wins
(released 10/10/2007)   Film Slam #10 on Sunday, October 14th
(released 10/5/2007)   Brouhaha's Entry Deadline is October 26th
(released 10/3/2007)   Sirmons Leaving; State Looking For New Commish
(released 9/19/2007)   Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! Are Here To Premiere
(released 9/18/2007)   Halloween Horror Picture Show - Lineup Announced
(released 9/14/2007)   Enzian Holding Membership Drive Events
(released 9/13/2007)   September's Film Slam Winners
(released 9/13/2007)   Screening of KSFilms' Second Coming
(released 9/11/2007)   The DROP OFF premieres in Orlando this month
(released 9/10/2007)   Spike & TNA Extend Contract and Timeslot
(released 9/5/2007)   Independents' Film Fest Best of the Fest
(released 8/28/2007)   2nd Central Florida Film Festival Starts Friday
(released 8/22/2007)   Surround Filmworks will premiere County Road 14
(released 8/17/2007)   Basic Recap on Incentives Through July
(released 8/16/2007)   100 Tears Acquires US Distribution
(released 8/15/2007)   The Air I Breathe Gets THINKFilm Distribution
(released 8/13/2007)   Wonderful, Wonderful Wins August Film Slam
(released 8/9/2007)   Stars North's Mr. Bubbs Screening in Rhode Island
(released 8/8/2007)   NickToons Animation Festival All This Month
(released 8/7/2007)   Film Slam Schedule is Up For Sunday
(released 7/31/2007)   Contract and Cash Prize For Film Contest
(released 7/31/2007)   Disney / Florida Promote No Smoking in Films
(released 7/27/2007)   Xoom Entertainment Hires on Zimmerman as VP
(released 7/26/2007)   Saw Producer & Director To Remake Scanners
(released 7/26/2007)   New PAC to be Built in Downtown Orlando
(released 7/18/2007)   Date Set for Principal Photography on Ace Jr
(released 7/17/2007)   Enzian Theater Looking for Executive Director
(released 7/17/2007)   Film Florida Announces New BOD Members
(released 7/17/2007)   Orlando Hispanic Film Festival Announced
(released 7/16/2007)   Flitter Named Lead in Ace Ventura Jr.
(released 7/12/2007)   Tampa Film Review Is Friday the 13th
(released 7/11/2007)   Premiere Date Set For Newest Pink Sneakers Show
(released 7/11/2007)   New Show Project U Looking For Talent
(released 7/9/2007)   Fred Zara Wins 7th FilmSlam
(released 7/6/2007)   FilmSlam #7 - Sunday July 8th
(released 6/28/2007)   Two Film & TV Events To Choose From On July 6th
(released 6/20/2007)   48 Hour Film Project Going To Jville
(released 6/20/2007)   Two Legends Honored By Film Florida
(released 6/18/2007)   2007 Student Academy Award Winners
(released 6/13/2007)   Automaton Transfusion To Release on DVD in Sept
(released 6/12/2007)   Dastoli Brothers Win Film Slam 6
(released 6/12/2007)   Ninjas vs. Pirates To Screen at Florida SuperCon
(released 6/10/2007)   On Set with The Black Sheep Prophecy
(released 6/10/2007)   100 Tears Premiere at Channelside
(released 6/8/2007)   Two FL Student Filmmakers Are Academy Winners
(released 6/7/2007)   Lineup Set for June 10th Film Slam
(released 6/5/2007)   White Chicks Inc. @Hoboken Int'l Film Festival
(released 5/25/2007)   Bring It On Orlando: In It To Win It
(released 5/25/2007)   Tampa Bay Film Forum - June 6th
(released 5/22/2007)   3rd Annual Indie Film Jam Winners
(released 5/22/2007)   Austin Coffee Seeking Films For Screenings
(released 5/19/2007)   Indie Film Jam - Day 3 Schedule
(released 5/18/2007)   Indie Film Jam - Day 2 Schedule
(released 5/16/2007)   Indie Film Jam - Day 1 Schedule
(released 5/14/2007)   Florida Films Going To Cannes
(released 5/14/2007)   Sweet Taste of Flesh Wins Film Slam 5
(released 5/10/2007)   Film Slam Is This Sunday May 13th
(released 5/9/2007)   3rd Annual Indie Film Jam Starts May 17th
(released 5/8/2007)   LA Director Takes Miami Film To Cannes Market
(released 4/27/2007)   Sarasota Film Festival Award Winners Announced
(released 4/27/2007)   KSFILMS' Delivery Being Distributed By Warner
(released 4/27/2007)   Brighthouse Intros You On Demand
(released 4/26/2007)   Adam Arnali Has Finished A New Music Video
(released 4/23/2007)   Dastoli Brothers Take Top 5 - Off To Tribeca
(released 4/14/2007)   There's a Terror Inside Montverde
(released 4/12/2007)   Sarasota Filmmaker Goes Raw
(released 4/11/2007)   2 UCF Student Films In Running For Best On Campus
(released 4/5/2007)   The Film Slam Is Sunday
(released 4/4/2007)   House Incentive Bill Update
(released 4/2/2007)   2007 Florida Film Festival Winners
(released 3/26/2007)   Sanford Co Featured on National Geographic
(released 3/26/2007)   Branded Wraps in Orlando - Off to Trinidad
(released 3/19/2007)   Spike Lee @ FSU in April
(released 3/13/2007)   Free Finance Workshop Wednesday in Delray
(released 3/12/2007)   Regal Gains 3 More IMAX Theaters
(released 3/12/2007)   Film Slam #3 Winner Is Foobie Jesus
(released 3/9/2007)   House of Moves To Orlando
(released 3/9/2007)   Speaker Rubio Appoints Two New Members To FFEAC
(released 3/2/2007)   Xoom Entertainment Signs Mirmontazeri To Helm Pic
(released 2/22/2007)   Local Bi-Monthly Film Competition Starting Up
(released 2/22/2007)   Valencia's 12th Film Celebration This Weekend
(released 2/21/2007)   Florida Filmmakers - ON THE LOT
(released 2/20/2007)   MegaCon: Third Annual Indie Film Expo Report
(released 2/20/2007)   Darren Lynn Bousman to Helm Saw IV
(released 2/19/2007)   WIFT Presents LunaFest at Leu Gardens
(released 2/14/2007)   Film Ranch Announces Horror & Hotties
(released 2/13/2007)   Win Tickets to Advance Screening of Amazing Grace
(released 2/13/2007)   OLAFest 2007 Opens With 'Cayo'
(released 2/13/2007)   'Ninjas vs. Pirates' Premiere at MegaCon
(released 2/12/2007)   Two Major Features To Film in Jville
(released 2/12/2007)   $1 Million in Florida Incentive Funds Available
(released 2/9/2007)   Announcing This Sunday's Films for 2nd Film Slam
(released 2/6/2007)   Reachfar Films' The Bros. Gets Distribution
(released 1/31/2007)   MegaCon Indie Film Expo Set For Feb 16
(released 1/30/2007)   TFR Exchanging Films with Wild Sound in Canada
(released 1/30/2007)   State Film Commish Conference Calls This Week
(released 1/16/2007)   Gasparilla Film Festival Needs Volunteers
(released 1/15/2007)   First Film Slam at Enzian Theater
(released 1/12/2007)   DeLaurentiis Gambino Team Up To Adapt My Only Son
(released 1/11/2007)   State Film Office Teleconference Call Schedule
(released 1/5/2007)   More On the Lot Buzz
(released 1/2/2007)   Collaboration Contest Gala Screening - January 13
(released 1/2/2007)   FilmSlam Continues With Venue Change To Enzian
(released 12/27/2006)   Tampa Film Review Celebrate Three Year Anniversary
(released 12/21/2006)   January Dates Set For State Teleconference Calls
(released 12/11/2006)   ideas Piece Selected Best Feature At Artivist
(released 12/1/2006)   Comedy Central with South Beach Comedy Festival
(released 11/29/2006)   4Q Film Florida and FFEAC Council Meetings
(released 11/29/2006)   **State Conference Calls Scheduled Dec 12-15
(released 11/17/2006)   Minott Lenders Motion Pictures & Valencia March 07
(released 11/13/2006)   FFEAC MINUTES NOW AUDIO STREAMED!
(released 11/13/2006)   Dream Job with Dream Works on the line
(released 11/6/2006)   Crystal Reel Awards this weekend
(released 11/6/2006)   Stars North to Shine at Crystal Reel Awards
(released 11/6/2006)   Melbourne Independent Filmmakers
(released 10/31/2006)   Delivery Wins Two Awards At ScreamFest
(released 10/30/2006)   Both Candidates For Governor Agree On Film
(released 10/27/2006)   Film Contest Sends Winners To Sundance
(released 10/26/2006)   Miami & Sarasota Earn Grants From Academy
(released 10/26/2006)   9th Annual Collaboration Contest (updated)
(released 10/25/2006)   State Teleconferences' New Schedule
(released 10/18/2006)   Local Filmmaker's First Short Film To Premiere
(released 10/9/2006)   Creature from the Black Lagoon
(released 10/2/2006)   Florida Indie Film Panel in Orlando
(released 9/27/2006)   World Premiere of Hoodoo For Voodoo
(released 9/27/2006)   Lake Eola Fountain Utilized As Set Twice This Week
(released 9/19/2006)   Local Rep To Discuss Local Incentive Legislation
(released 9/18/2006)   Orlando Writer Advances To Finals of Contest
(released 9/15/2006)   FFEAC Meeting Notice - Updated
(released 9/15/2006)   Red Carpet Seats Available Online for 79th Oscars
(released 9/14/2006)   Rescheduled Hurricane Insurance Task Force
(released 9/12/2006)   3rd Annual Fear on Fairbanks
(released 9/8/2006)   Hurricane Task Force Conference Call Cancelled
(released 9/6/2006)   List of State Certified Productions
(released 8/31/2006)   Catch Flicks On Fairbanks This Labor Day
(released 8/31/2006)   Central Florida Film Wins At Mexico City Fest
(released 8/31/2006)   D7 Pilot Bound For New York TV Fest
(released 8/25/2006)   Salkind Cancels On Central FL Film Fest
(released 8/25/2006)   Introducing the Gasparilla Film Festival
(released 8/23/2006)   Hurricane Task Force Conference Call Postponed
(released 8/21/2006)   Sanford's Cinema in the Park This Wednesday
(released 8/18/2006)   ideas To Produce Two Projects With The Team
(released 8/18/2006)   Next Gen Short Film Contest Accepting Entries
(released 8/17/2006)   Real Premonition Plan Premiere; Videos Available
(released 8/17/2006)   Performers Wanted For BookPals
(released 8/11/2006)   SAG Foundation's CAP Launching in Florida
(released 8/10/2006)   ideas Completes Audio Post for Lifetime Trilogy
(released 8/10/2006)   Help SAG Foundation By Searching the Internet
(released 8/9/2006)   Two Orlando Filmmakers on Current
(released 8/4/2006)   Coffeehouse Cinema Culture Strikes Back!
(released 8/3/2006)   Orlando Shooters Win Grand Jury Prize @ Palm Beach
(released 8/1/2006)   Update on the State Financial Incentive
(released 8/1/2006)   i.d.e.a.s. Marks Five Year Anniversary
(released 7/25/2006)   Public Invited to State Level Conference Calls
(released 7/25/2006)   Rep Don Davis To Host Film Industry IdeaRaiser
(released 7/19/2006)   Orlando Filmmaker Shoots Tinnitus PSA
(released 7/18/2006)   Introducing Planet Digital Outdoor Theater
(released 7/18/2006)   Ruffhouse Screening The Guardians
(released 7/7/2006)   iNterLude Presents Ninjas vs. Pirates Fundraiser
(released 7/6/2006)   WIFT Sponsors Date Night at Leu Gardens
(released 7/6/2006)   Aida's Big Phat Florida Film Festival This Weekend
(released 6/28/2006)   KSFilms First Feature on FilmBaby, Second in Pre
(released 6/26/2006)   Choppers Inc's Billy Lane Goes To Germany
(released 6/19/2006)   New York Premiere of Confessions of a Thug
(released 6/19/2006)   Central FL Filmmakers Screen Video at LA Film Fest
(released 6/15/2006)   Financial Incentive Applications Available Monday
(released 6/15/2006)   Land a Role in Hogzilla
(released 6/14/2006)   Sarasota Student Among Academy Winners
(released 6/7/2006)   Fear Film's "The Evil Within" Goes Into Production
(released 6/6/2006)   Win a Trip to Miami Vice World Premiere
(released 6/5/2006)   i.d.e.a.s. Renews Agreement at Disney-MGM Studios
(released 6/2/2006)   DMAC Is Not Dead
(released 5/24/2006)   Winners of Indie Film Jam
(released 5/23/2006)   Academy Award Going To Sarasota Student
(released 5/23/2006)   Episode 2 of Cinema Café Now Showing
(released 5/22/2006)   FMU Hits the Streets of Downtown
(released 5/21/2006)   The Price Shoots in Central Florida
(released 5/16/2006)   2nd Annual Indie Film Jam in Orlando
(released 5/12/2006)   06-07 State Incentive Fund Doubles
(released 5/12/2006)   Lonely Hearts Highlights Jacksonville
(released 5/12/2006)   ideas Brings In New Art Director
(released 5/9/2006)   Billy Lane's Documentary Released
(released 5/9/2006)   Indie Filmmaking and the Law at Jax Film Fest
(released 5/4/2006)   ideas To Do Post Audio on Lifetime's Island Heat
(released 5/4/2006)   Cosmos Festival Winners
(released 5/4/2006)   Academy Announces Student Finalists
(released 5/2/2006)   The Passage Screening at NY Film & Video Festival
(released 5/2/2006)   Peters Completes Post on "Blindsided" Doc
(released 4/25/2006)   Lost City Poster and Release Update
(released 4/21/2006)   Local Films at DMAC This Weekend
(released 4/21/2006)   Pink Sneakers Launches Another TV Series
(released 4/19/2006)   99 to Screen at Cosmos Festival
(released 4/14/2006)   Cinema Cafe Premieres Season 2
(released 4/12/2006)   Michael King To Speak At FMPTA
(released 4/4/2006)   Updates on Cosmos Intl Film & Video Game Fest
(released 4/4/2006)   KSFilms Premiered Delivery
(released 3/30/2006)   Flicks On Fairbanks Hits 2 Yr Mark
(released 3/29/2006)   Mitchell Appointed Creative Director, i.d.e.a.s.
(released 3/29/2006)   Letter From the State Film Commissioner
(released 3/24/2006)   KSFILMS' Delivery Premiering Wednesday in WP
(released 3/24/2006)   Mark Simon To Lecture at Library
(released 3/17/2006)   Kodak Presenting Stop By. Shoot Film.
(released 3/16/2006)   Paul Sirmons Encourages New Legislation
(released 3/15/2006)   Boynton Beach Club Releasing This Weekend
(released 3/8/2006)   Opening Weekend of Miami Int'l Film Festival
(released 3/8/2006)   State Film Commish Paul Sirmons in Orlando
(released 3/2/2006)   No Budget Movie Company Completes The Session
(released 2/27/2006)   Things That Hang From Trees Premieres at SXSW
(released 2/24/2006)   Integrity Arts Films Begins Documentary
(released 2/24/2006)   Free Kodak Seminars at MIFF
(released 2/21/2006)   NY's Post Central Uses i.d.e.a.s. for Post Audio
(released 2/20/2006)   iNterLude Films Premiering Short at Slam
(released 2/20/2006)   KS Films Nearing Completion
(released 2/16/2006)   Fear Film Brings Freakshow to Orlando
(released 2/16/2006)   Local Films Scheduled For Delray Beach Festival
(released 2/10/2006)   Incubator presents MVC 2006
(released 2/9/2006)   New Screen TV Winners - Accepting Docs
(released 2/7/2006)   State Film Commish To Speak on Wednesday
(released 2/2/2006)   Miami International Film Festival 2006 Is Here
(released 2/2/2006)   I Heart Flicks On Fairbanks
(released 2/2/2006)   Andre The Butcher Set For Release
(released 1/27/2006)   Orlando Library Celebrates Black History Month
(released 1/27/2006)   Orlando Team Places Third In Statewide Competition
(released 1/27/2006)   O36 2006: Orlando's 36 Hour Video Race
(released 1/24/2006)   HBO Seeks Filmmakers for 9th Annual Competition
(released 1/23/2006)   eIncubator's 8th Annual Collaboration
(released 1/18/2006)   Guerilla Garage Sale This Weekend
(released 1/18/2006)   UFTA Meeting Includes Tax Prep
(released 1/17/2006)   Gina D Records Classic Supremes For Sountrack
(released 1/13/2006)   Planet Digital Moves To New Location
(released 1/13/2006)   Starz Entertainment To Audition in Orlando
(released 1/12/2006)   Travolta Completes ADR Work at i.d.e.a.s.
(released 1/5/2006)   Stars North Looks to the Future
(released 1/5/2006)   Miami Vice - Twice Is Nice
(released 1/4/2006)   Hiding Victoria Will Shoot Jan 9 in West Palm
(released 1/4/2006)   Unexpected Passing of Darrell Jones
(released 12/30/2005)   First Film Slam of 2006
(released 12/13/2005)   Popcorn Flicks in Winter Park Has New Dates
(released 12/7/2005)   Doc Has Festival Premiere on Sunday
(released 12/5/2005)   Jingle Mingle Holiday Party - Thursday
(released 12/4/2005)   Dino Productions Snags Sought After Screenplay
(released 12/2/2005)   The Touch Screening at Global Peace Film Fest
(released 12/2/2005)   Florida Films at Sundance
(released 11/21/2005)   Indie Gathering Film Festival - South
(released 11/21/2005)   Peters Completes The Way Back Home
(released 11/18/2005)   Editing Hi-Def Video Event
(released 11/16/2005)   Lights. Color. Lemons.
(released 11/15/2005)   Show Off Your Shorts at Next UFTA Meeting
(released 11/15/2005)   Arnali's Creed To Run at 2 Fests
(released 11/10/2005)   International Bazaar New Home of Tampa Film Review
(released 11/7/2005)   Indie Horror Movies Tonight
(released 11/3/2005)   Insanity the Movie at AFM 2005
(released 11/3/2005)   Marsha Reece To Share Orlando Roots
(released 10/28/2005)   BROUHAHA FILM & VIDEO SHOWCASE
(released 10/28/2005)   Filmmakers Start Your New Year
(released 10/28/2005)   Hot Halloween Billy Lane on Discovery Channel
(released 10/25/2005)   ImaginAsian Cancelled Due to Wilma
(released 10/25/2005)   Film Offices Closed Due to Wilma
(released 10/20/2005)   Melbourne Film Fest Gears Up
(released 10/20/2005)   Hurricane Prep For Your Production
(released 10/20/2005)   Fear on Fairbanks - POSTPONED
(released 10/19/2005)   Springfield Film Festival Awards Gala
(released 10/18/2005)   SAGIndie Holding Free Signatory Workshop
(released 10/16/2005)   Stars North Film to Screen in Hollywood
(released 10/13/2005)   Kevin Bacon to Receive Award in Sarasota
(released 10/13/2005)   Governor Bush Appointments To Advisory Council
(released 10/12/2005)   Industry Halloween Party on Monday, October 17th
(released 10/12/2005)   Remembering Philip Karr
(released 10/11/2005)   Special Effects Demonstration with Rick Gonzalez
(released 10/6/2005)   Carpool Guy to Premier on November 11th in Orlando
(released 10/5/2005)   Maker of 3ds Max To Buy Alias
(released 9/30/2005)   AtomFilms/Intel Call For Entries
(released 9/30/2005)   eIncubator Sets Collaboration Contest Dates
(released 9/29/2005)   Stars North film to Screen in London
(released 9/29/2005)   Dead Meat Changes Name Before Distribution
(released 9/27/2005)   Going To The Movies, Be In One Instead
(released 9/27/2005)   Academy names Archivist
(released 9/27/2005)   'American Skin 2' Premiere Announced
(released 9/27/2005)   Showtime Takes Advantage of Florida Film Incentive
(released 9/26/2005)   Introducing Night of Student Films at UF
(released 9/22/2005)   Mayor Envisions Digital Media Village In Speech
(released 9/19/2005)   Bleacher Seats For Oscar Red Carpet
(released 9/12/2005)   UFTA Partners with WIF for Festivals 101
(released 9/4/2005)   Jerri Manthey - Special Guest at MIFF
(released 9/4/2005)   Linda Andersson's Pilot Lands In Semi-Finals
(released 9/4/2005)   The Marionette Makes Premiere Run
(released 9/3/2005)   Florida Writers Association Set to Meet Sept 8
(released 9/3/2005)   Independents Film Festival - 16 & 17 - Tampa
(released 9/3/2005)   Premiere of Death Plots in Orlando - Sept 13th
(released 9/1/2005)   "Stealing God" Makes Its Florida Premiere
(released 8/29/2005)   2005 Best Film On Campus Contest
(released 8/25/2005)   Scion and MGLFF Sponsor PlanetOut Contest
(released 8/23/2005)   New Screen TV Launches with H-Town at DMAC
(released 8/23/2005)   DMAC Hosts Premiere of Four Indie Shorts
(released 8/22/2005)   Cinema Cafe TV Airing Episode 4
(released 8/22/2005)   i.d.e.a.s Upgrades Post Facility Marking 4 Years
(released 8/22/2005)   Film Star Chris Tucker Stands Up at Orlando Improv
(released 8/20/2005)   UFTA Mentoring Meeting on Monday
(released 8/18/2005)   Web Documentary Explores The St. Johns
(released 8/15/2005)   Rich Grula steps in at DMAC
(released 8/11/2005)   Paul Sirmons Appointed Film Commissioner
(released 8/9/2005)   The Night Owl Released to DVD
(released 8/4/2005)   Four Short Films Premiering at DMAC
(released 8/4/2005)   Andrew Kenneth Gay Is On A Roll
(released 7/31/2005)   Flicks On Fairbanks
(released 7/29/2005)   Digital Cinema Gets Universal Standard
(released 7/28/2005)   Key Dates Announced for 78th Academy Awards®
(released 7/22/2005)   Mandatory Overtime Premiere at Brickhouse 54
(released 7/20/2005)   'Gettin Er Done' In Orlando
(released 7/18/2005)   Stars... Dreams... Opium
(released 7/12/2005)   Short Films under the Stars
(released 7/10/2005)   Monday Night Flicks on Fairbanks
(released 7/5/2005)   Ice Cube Highlight of American Black Film Festival
(released 7/1/2005)   HHPS05 Teams Up with Cinemaker for Prize Pack
(released 7/1/2005)   NOLANCON
(released 7/1/2005)   Other Side Cinema's Vietnam film, "Night Demons"
(released 7/1/2005)   Adrenaline Films Builds New Sound Stage
(released 7/1/2005)   Gov Bush Signs HB1129
(released 7/1/2005)   Rivers of Sand Conducts First Round of Auditions
(released 7/1/2005)   Short Film Premiere Sunday, July 3
(released 6/28/2005)   Coffeehouse Film Reviews
(released 6/28/2005)   SAG Expands Low Budget Agreements
(released 6/23/2005)   Train Movies at the Orlando Library
(released 6/23/2005)   Writing Workshop at the Library
(released 6/16/2005)   NBC's "Fear Factor" to Invade Orlando
(released 6/15/2005)   Finishing Funds for Public Television Work
(released 6/14/2005)   Florida Students Among Academy Winners
(released 6/14/2005)   ABC/Disney looking for full time writers
(released 6/13/2005)   Writers Arc starts contest
(released 6/3/2005)   Are you the next State Film Commissioner?
(released 6/2/2005)   Application For State Film Incentive Now Available
(released 6/2/2005)   Movie Premieres at the DMAC
(released 6/2/2005)   Flicks on Fairbanks
(released 5/25/2005)   Albershardt Steps Down As State Commissioner
(released 5/24/2005)   Coffee House Film Reviews
(released 5/24/2005)   FLIFF's Best of Florida / Made in Florida
(released 5/24/2005)   NALIP'S Latino Producers Academy Accepting Applica
(released 5/24/2005)   Hoot: One Book/One State
(released 5/23/2005)   Florida Students Named Academy Winners
(released 5/18/2005)   2005 Independent's Film Festival Entry Deadline
(released 5/18/2005)   DP Nick McLean To Speak At Burt Reynolds Museum
(released 5/16/2005)   Hoodoo For Voodoo Featuring Linnea Quigley
(released 5/11/2005)   UCF Needs Your 16mm Prints
(released 5/11/2005)   Dead Meat, Starring Ron Jeremy, Premiered May 1st
(released 5/10/2005)   Two Student Filmmakers Named Academy Finalists
(released 5/10/2005)   Next FMPTA Meeting Featuring Lighting Presentation
(released 5/7/2005)   South Of Heaven In Jacksonville
(released 5/7/2005)   Things That Hang From Trees
(released 5/7/2005)   Two Premieres at Film Slam
(released 5/4/2005)   Space Coast Filmmaker Wins Award at USA Fest
(released 5/1/2005)   Flicks on Fairbanks Documentary Lineup Tonight
(released 4/26/2005)   Coral Rock is South Beach Dreamin'
(released 4/25/2005)   "The Last Will" is premiering at Loews Cineplex
(released 4/25/2005)   Lake Eola Classics After Dark Movie Series
(released 4/25/2005)   Latitude 25 Pictures Sets Sail
(released 4/20/2005)   Probed is Altered
(released 4/16/2005)   Regis and Kelly Taping In Orlando
(released 4/15/2005)   Enter Academy's Nicholl Screenwriting Program
(released 4/13/2005)   i.d.e.a.s. Signs Deal with Conari Press
(released 4/12/2005)   Build A Career in Music Video Production
(released 4/7/2005)   Zara Brothers Successfully Option Script
(released 4/7/2005)   First Episode of Cinema Cafe is now on the air
(released 4/7/2005)   Behind the Indie Camera Has Three New Shows
(released 4/5/2005)   Jacksonville Beach Moonlight Movies
(released 4/4/2005)   Panama City P.D.
(released 4/1/2005)   Roseanne Barr Can Heal
(released 4/1/2005)   Universal Studios VP Meena on Legislative Alert
(released 4/1/2005)   Our Community Images and Sounds of Percussion
(released 3/31/2005)   Flicks on Fairbanks this Monday
(released 3/31/2005)   Industry Leaders Seek Immediate Action
(released 3/30/2005)   Spring Bling Gets Wet In 2005
(released 3/26/2005)   Latest From Stars North To Premiere at FFF
(released 3/24/2005)   Passing of Howard Warren
(released 3/23/2005)   Announcing Halloween Horror Film Festival 2005
(released 3/16/2005)   O36 Awards Show This Sunday
(released 3/15/2005)   Hoot Targeted For July, Tampa Start
(released 3/14/2005)   Coca-Cola Filmmaker's Award Goes to FSU Student
(released 3/13/2005)   John Goodman Cemented in the Walk of Legends
(released 3/10/2005)   FLA Entertainment Industry Uniting March 22, 2005
(released 3/9/2005)   Popcorn Flicks in Central "Winter" Park
(released 3/3/2005)   Blood, Sweat and Gears
(released 3/2/2005)   Universal Music Publishing Group Supports MVC '05
(released 2/25/2005)   Super Size Me
(released 2/25/2005)   Orlando, Miami Top 10 Cities for Indie Film
(released 2/24/2005)   Tampa Coffeehouse Film Review
(released 2/24/2005)   O36: Video Race 2005
(released 2/24/2005)   The Night Owl Screened At FMPTA Meeting
(released 2/23/2005)   Antonio Banderas and Santa to Perform
(released 2/23/2005)   Elvis Miniseries to Post at i.d.e.a.s.
(released 2/23/2005)   Hiassen Book Adapted For Film
(released 2/21/2005)   Screening of The Night Owl
(released 2/21/2005)   Nippon TV Shooting in Central Florida
(released 2/21/2005)   Producers Funding
(released 2/21/2005)   Finishing Funds
(released 2/21/2005)   ABC/DGA DIRECTING FELLOWSHIP
(released 2/20/2005)   Full Sail On Location At Lake Eola
(released 2/15/2005)   Jurors and 11 awards @ MIFF
(released 2/11/2005)   The Collaboration... The Connection... The Contest
(released 2/10/2005)   Introducing the OLA Fest
(released 2/1/2005)   Crescent Moon Screening at Universal Cineplex
(released 1/25/2005)   Blair Witch Guys Back Together
(released 1/19/2005)   Charlize Theron named Presenter
(released 1/19/2005)   Note from the Editor
(released 1/18/2005)   Orlando Area Medical Show Continues
(released 1/17/2005)   A&S Animation Take Top Honors
(released 1/17/2005)   Because of Better Incentives
(released 1/16/2005)   26th Annual Telly Awards Call for Entries
(released 1/12/2005)   HBO Accepting Entries For 8th Annual Competition
(released 1/11/2005)   Timmy Makes Top Ten on NickToons
(released 1/6/2005)   Fear Factor Taping at Universal Orlando
(released 1/6/2005)   USA And HSN Join In Reality
(released 1/4/2005)   International Film Unites in South Fla
(released 1/3/2005)   Free and open to public Grant writing workshop
(released 1/3/2005)   "Lonely Hearts" to Star Travolta and Gandolfini
(released 1/3/2005)   Telemundo In Your Future
(released 1/3/2005)   Celebrate One Year Of Indies In Tampa
(released 12/29/2004)   Karst Productions Receives Coveted "Deffie" Award
(released 12/28/2004)   Roy W. Dean Writer/Researcher Grant
(released 12/22/2004)   FMPTA Elects New Officers
(released 12/22/2004)   3rd Annual Jingle Mingle
(released 12/14/2004)   New Indie Horror Film site online
(released 12/13/2004)   Inaugural Fred Rogers Memorial Scholarship
(released 12/13/2004)   2005 UFTA-Orlando New Officers
(released 12/8/2004)   Orlando's Morning Light Shines on.............
(released 12/3/2004)   Free Grantwriting Workshops Throughout State
(released 12/2/2004)   Downtown Orlando To Get Festival
(released 12/1/2004)   Creative Capital Grants Writers' Opportunities
(released 11/30/2004)   FSU Students Make 2004 NFC Top 50
(released 11/22/2004)   O36 2005: Orlando's 36 Hour Video Race
(released 11/22/2004)   Tampa Feature in Production
(released 11/16/2004)   Celebrate, Discuss, Black Filmmakers Orlando
(released 11/15/2004)   1987 The Movie Wraps
(released 11/15/2004)   Delta Blues Documentary
(released 11/9/2004)   Kiteboarding Gets some Wind from Florida
(released 11/9/2004)   Ft. Lauderdale and Sarasota awarded by the Academy
(released 11/5/2004)   OneLight Premiering Flowers at DMAC
(released 11/2/2004)   Sundance Labs accepting applications
(released 11/2/2004)   "BLACKOUT" Special Edition to Premiere
(released 11/2/2004)   "Kinsey" opens Marco Film Festival 2004
(released 11/2/2004)   Miami Shorts In The Park
(released 10/30/2004)   Kodak Seminars at Ft Lauderdale Intl Film Fest
(released 10/30/2004)   DISTRIBUTE YOUR SHORT FILM
(released 10/30/2004)   Fear on Fairbanks
(released 10/30/2004)   Tampa Coffeehouse Film Review
(released 10/30/2004)   HORROR FIGHTS HURRICANES!
(released 10/27/2004)   The Changers
(released 10/26/2004)   Tour Brings Acclaimed Documentaries To Miami
(released 10/26/2004)   Orlando scores Judging Amy episode
(released 10/22/2004)   Confessions of A Thug Premiere this Sunday
(released 10/18/2004)   Miami Beach Hotel available for implosion
(released 10/18/2004)   Songwriting and the Inspiration
(released 10/18/2004)   Music Festival In Jacksonville
(released 10/15/2004)   Cast of Midnight Central live appearance
(released 10/14/2004)   An Afternoon with... Leslie Nielsen
(released 10/14/2004)   Animator ALEX FRIDERICI shares technique
(released 10/14/2004)   Miami Beach on Film And TV
(released 10/14/2004)   Chris Rock to host Oscars TM
(released 10/13/2004)   Lions Gate adds to 75k top prize
(released 10/11/2004)   Orlando gears up for ShowEast 2004
(released 10/11/2004)   Step Into The Florida Room
(released 10/11/2004)   Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival Has Jobs
(released 10/11/2004)   Film Industry Event Downtown Orlando
(released 10/11/2004)   Spooky Setting For Film Premiere
(released 10/11/2004)   Supporting Our Troops
(released 10/11/2004)   Florida Film Advisory Council Public Meeting
(released 10/11/2004)   Tampa Film Wins Big
(released 10/11/2004)   Gil Cates to Produce 77th Oscar® Telecast
(released 10/4/2004)   Halloween Horror Picture Show 2004
(released 10/4/2004)   Distribution Available For Films On Natural Heroes
(released 10/1/2004)   Governor Bush Appoints 2 To FFEAC
(released 9/30/2004)   Political Films At The DMAC
(released 9/30/2004)   StormWatch Pictures Looking For EPs
(released 8/13/2001)   Hollywood Stars in Orlando For Dunsmore
(released 12/22/2000)   Misty Creek in Post
(released 10/24/2000)   Kissimmee Film Festival 2000
(released 10/24/2000)   Local Actor/Producer on Dawson's Creek
(released 10/15/2000)   Ed McMahon's Next Big Star
(released 7/27/2000)   Gas Films Lodging working on Virgins
(released 7/13/2000)   Ed Skull Gets 'Dumped'


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