News Archive
Uncharted Screening at Leu Gardens
(released 8/22/2022)
Love Your Shorts Summer Rewind
(released 8/11/2022)
Next Film Slam is July 10th
(released 7/5/2022)
Queer In Color Festival in Tampa
(released 6/10/2022)
Next Film Slam is June 19
(released 6/9/2022)
MegaCon Orlando is This Weekend!!!
(released 5/16/2022)
Laura Linney and Jason Bateman - Ozark Full Sailors Represented on Ozark
(released 5/16/2022)
Casting Lifetime Movie in Pinellas
(released 5/11/2022)
Outdoor Movie Night at Leu Gardens
(released 3/23/2022)
Super Bowl LVI Reel Ads
(released 2/9/2022)
Film Slam is Back - January 9th
(released 1/7/2022)
Harry Potter Week Brew & View
(released 11/18/2021)
Movie Nights at the Wellborn
(released 11/9/2021)
Addams Family - Free Screening
(released 10/9/2021)
Movieola Presents Cats and Dogs 2
(released 7/12/2021)
UCF 2021 Animation Class Videos
(released 6/24/2021)
Funny Not Famous logo Funny Not Famous Taping Season 2
(released 6/21/2021)
Still from God's Waiting Room Florida Repped at Tribeca Festival
(released 6/19/2021)
Date Night Movie at Leu Gardens
(released 9/21/2020)
Film Festivals in the COVID-19 Era
(released 7/21/2020)
South of Central Streaming Now
(released 4/9/2020)
Move Your Feet to Screen Dance Miami
(released 12/23/2019)
Free Holiday Movies at Lake Eola
(released 11/26/2019)
Miami's Borscht 0 is November 15-24
(released 11/15/2019)
FSU Presents Veterans Day Film
(released 10/28/2019)
Hurricane Forecast - Be Prepared
(released 8/28/2019)
48 Hour Film Project Coming Soon
(released 7/8/2019)
Women in Film & TV Wednesdays
(released 6/18/2019)
Movie Mondays at A' La Cart
(released 5/12/2019)
Wall-E is Screening for Movieola
(released 4/22/2019)
Zimmern List Comes to Orlando
(released 1/31/2019)
Holiday Cinema Outdoors
(released 11/5/2018)
UCF Student Create Sketch'd Out
(released 8/10/2018)
Orlando Shakespeare Job Openings
(released 8/10/2018)
Jumanji at the Gardens
(released 5/18/2018)
75th Golden Globe Award Nominations
(released 12/13/2017)
Orange County Library Writers Group
(released 10/30/2017)
Thursday is Anime Night at Bikkuri
(released 9/18/2017)
Netflix Lands Letterman
(released 8/31/2017)
WIFT Orlando Meeting is Wednesday
(released 6/26/2017)
Panel on Anime Then and Now
(released 5/30/2017)
Sarasota County Film Hiring
(released 5/17/2017)
Tony Awards Nominations Announced
(released 5/2/2017)
89th Oscar Nominations Announced
(released 1/24/2017)
Next Enzian Film Slam is August 14
(released 7/18/2016)
Film Florida Elected New Leaders
(released 7/7/2016)
Tampa Pitcher Show Fundraiser
(released 4/28/2016)
The Gift wins the May Film Slam
(released 5/20/2015)
Enzian Film Slam is Sunday, May 17
(released 5/14/2015)
Music of the Movies Free Concert
(released 4/16/2015)
Next Film Slam is Sunday March 15
(released 3/10/2015)
Spend the day with Dickens. #Dickens
(released 12/11/2014)
Film Slam is Sunday, September 14
(released 9/12/2014)
The Trade wins August Film Slam
(released 8/21/2014)
HBO's Project Greenlight Is Back
(released 7/11/2014)
June Film Slam is Sunday the 29th
(released 6/28/2014)
May the 4th Be with the Film Slam
(released 5/1/2014)
First Film Slam of 2014 Season
(released 12/3/2013)
Orlando Film Fest Award Winners
(released 10/20/2013)
August Film Slam is Sunday 11th
(released 8/4/2013)
Bittersweet Wins July Film Slam
(released 7/19/2013)
Film Slam is July 14th
(released 7/9/2013)
June Film Slam Winner is Aishiteru
(released 6/20/2013)
Film Slam Lineup for May 19th
(released 5/15/2013)
Film Slam is Sunday, March 10th
(released 3/4/2013)
Next Film Slam is February 17th
(released 2/11/2013)
Final Film Slam of 2012 is Sunday
(released 10/8/2012)
Orlando Premiere of Line of Sight
(released 9/8/2012)
UCF Fall 2012 Actor Call
(released 8/23/2012)
Algermissen Won July 8th Film Slam
(released 7/21/2012)
Film Slam is Back May 20
(released 5/15/2012)
Tampa Bay Comic Con is March 3 & 4
(released 2/25/2012)
Megacon Indie Film Expo is Feb 17
(released 2/7/2012)
The Pursuit Wins December Film Slam
(released 12/16/2011)
October 9th Film Slam Has 9 Films
(released 10/6/2011)
Legends 2 Premieres October 30
(released 10/5/2011)
Film Slam is Sunday September 11
(released 9/6/2011)
Freedom Ride wins July Film Slam
(released 7/11/2011)
Film Slam is July 10 at Enzian
(released 7/5/2011)
Film Slam is May 15th
(released 5/10/2011)
Vestiges Wins March Film Slam
(released 3/22/2011)
Film Slam Lineup for March 20th
(released 3/14/2011)
Orlando Film Fest Runs November 3-7
(released 10/29/2010)
Film Slam Results from October 10th
(released 10/22/2010)
October Film Slam is 10 - 10 - 10
(released 10/7/2010)
Jitters wins the March Film Slam
(released 3/15/2010)
MegaCon 2010 This Weekend at OCCC
(released 3/12/2010)
January 10th Film Slam Winners
(released 1/25/2010)
First Film Slam of 2010 is Sunday
(released 1/9/2010)
NL Presents RoboDoc Released to DVD
(released 11/24/2009)
November Film Slam Results
(released 11/23/2009)
2:22 Has 3 Premieres in 3 Weeks
(released 10/7/2009)
The Darndest Things Wins Film Slam
(released 6/22/2009)
Coffee & Pie Wins May Film Slam
(released 5/20/2009)
Film Slam Winners for April
(released 4/21/2009)
Florida Film Festival 2009 Is Here
(released 3/25/2009)
Film Day in Tallahassee
(released 2/27/2009)
FFEAC Conference Call January 29th
(released 1/12/2009)
Free Movie Passes to Defiance
(released 1/10/2009)
Film Slam I am I am
(released 1/5/2009)
FFEAC Conference Call January 8th
(released 1/3/2009)
Get your G.O.A.T. on New Years Eve
(released 12/30/2008)
MIFF Winners Announced
(released 12/8/2008)
Splash into Florida's Talent Pool
(released 12/1/2008)
September Film Slam Winners
(released 9/18/2008)
Irizarry Wins Theme Song Contest
(released 8/26/2008)
Tyger! Tyger! Burning Bright
(released 8/13/2008)
ReelDreams Wraps up The Tenant
(released 8/7/2008)
Oviedo Chickens wins Film Slam
(released 7/21/2008)
July Film Slam is Sunday the 13th
(released 7/9/2008)
48HFP Comes To Orlando
(released 7/8/2008)
Money for your Art / Film Project
(released 5/26/2008)
Indie Film Jam Hits the High Note
(released 5/22/2008)
2008 Indie Film Jam Award Winners
(released 5/19/2008)
Sunday's Film Slam Schedule
(released 5/8/2008)
Web of Haxan Keeps Spinning
(released 5/8/2008)
Actors and Producers Begin Talks
(released 4/15/2008)
2008 Florida Film Festival Awards
(released 4/8/2008)
Calling all Creatives
(released 3/31/2008)
Film Slam #2 Winners Announced
(released 2/11/2008)
Chip Monk's Son Justin Born
(released 2/10/2008)
New Web Series Palmetto Launched
(released 1/11/2008)
Film Slam Program for January 13th
(released 1/10/2008)
Axium Abruptly Closes Doors
(released 1/8/2008)
Local DVD Releases For The Holidays
(released 12/20/2007)
Stars North Wraps This Man's Life
(released 12/14/2007)
United Arts Awards Grants for 2008
(released 11/17/2007)
Popcorn Flicks Thursday Night
(released 11/7/2007)
Katharine Leis Nominated for Emmy
(released 10/24/2007)
September's Film Slam Winners
(released 9/13/2007)
100 Tears Acquires US Distribution
(released 8/16/2007)
Fred Zara Wins 7th FilmSlam
(released 7/9/2007)
FilmSlam #7 - Sunday July 8th
(released 7/6/2007)
2007 Student Academy Award Winners
(released 6/18/2007)
Dastoli Brothers Win Film Slam 6
(released 6/12/2007)
100 Tears Premiere at Channelside
(released 6/10/2007)
Tampa Bay Film Forum - June 6th
(released 5/25/2007)
3rd Annual Indie Film Jam Winners
(released 5/22/2007)
Indie Film Jam - Day 3 Schedule
(released 5/19/2007)
Indie Film Jam - Day 2 Schedule
(released 5/18/2007)
Indie Film Jam - Day 1 Schedule
(released 5/16/2007)
Florida Films Going To Cannes
(released 5/14/2007)
Film Slam Is This Sunday May 13th
(released 5/10/2007)
Brighthouse Intros You On Demand
(released 4/27/2007)
There's a Terror Inside Montverde
(released 4/14/2007)
Sarasota Filmmaker Goes Raw
(released 4/12/2007)
The Film Slam Is Sunday
(released 4/5/2007)
House Incentive Bill Update
(released 4/4/2007)
Spike Lee @ FSU in April
(released 3/19/2007)
Regal Gains 3 More IMAX Theaters
(released 3/12/2007)
House of Moves To Orlando
(released 3/9/2007)
Florida Filmmakers - ON THE LOT
(released 2/21/2007)
Darren Lynn Bousman to Helm Saw IV
(released 2/20/2007)
OLAFest 2007 Opens With 'Cayo'
(released 2/13/2007)
First Film Slam at Enzian Theater
(released 1/15/2007)
More On the Lot Buzz
(released 1/5/2007)
(released 11/13/2006)
Crystal Reel Awards this weekend
(released 11/6/2006)
Melbourne Independent Filmmakers
(released 11/6/2006)
State Teleconferences' New Schedule
(released 10/25/2006)
Creature from the Black Lagoon
(released 10/9/2006)
FFEAC Meeting Notice - Updated
(released 9/15/2006)
3rd Annual Fear on Fairbanks
(released 9/12/2006)
Performers Wanted For BookPals
(released 8/17/2006)
Two Orlando Filmmakers on Current
(released 8/9/2006)
Ruffhouse Screening The Guardians
(released 7/18/2006)
Land a Role in Hogzilla
(released 6/15/2006)
DMAC Is Not Dead
(released 6/2/2006)
Winners of Indie Film Jam
(released 5/24/2006)
FMU Hits the Streets of Downtown
(released 5/22/2006)
06-07 State Incentive Fund Doubles
(released 5/12/2006)
ideas Brings In New Art Director
(released 5/12/2006)
Billy Lane's Documentary Released
(released 5/9/2006)
Cosmos Festival Winners
(released 5/4/2006)
Local Films at DMAC This Weekend
(released 4/21/2006)
99 to Screen at Cosmos Festival
(released 4/19/2006)
Cinema Cafe Premieres Season 2
(released 4/14/2006)
Michael King To Speak At FMPTA
(released 4/12/2006)
KSFilms Premiered Delivery
(released 4/4/2006)
Flicks On Fairbanks Hits 2 Yr Mark
(released 3/30/2006)
Mark Simon To Lecture at Library
(released 3/24/2006)
Free Kodak Seminars at MIFF
(released 2/24/2006)
KS Films Nearing Completion
(released 2/20/2006)
Incubator presents MVC 2006
(released 2/10/2006)
I Heart Flicks On Fairbanks
(released 2/2/2006)
Andre The Butcher Set For Release
(released 2/2/2006)
Guerilla Garage Sale This Weekend
(released 1/18/2006)
UFTA Meeting Includes Tax Prep
(released 1/18/2006)
Stars North Looks to the Future
(released 1/5/2006)
Miami Vice - Twice Is Nice
(released 1/5/2006)
First Film Slam of 2006
(released 12/30/2005)
Florida Films at Sundance
(released 12/2/2005)
Peters Completes The Way Back Home
(released 11/21/2005)
Editing Hi-Def Video Event
(released 11/18/2005)
Lights. Color. Lemons.
(released 11/16/2005)
Arnali's Creed To Run at 2 Fests
(released 11/15/2005)
Indie Horror Movies Tonight
(released 11/7/2005)
Insanity the Movie at AFM 2005
(released 11/3/2005)
(released 10/28/2005)
Filmmakers Start Your New Year
(released 10/28/2005)
ImaginAsian Cancelled Due to Wilma
(released 10/25/2005)
Film Offices Closed Due to Wilma
(released 10/25/2005)
Melbourne Film Fest Gears Up
(released 10/20/2005)
Hurricane Prep For Your Production
(released 10/20/2005)
Fear on Fairbanks - POSTPONED
(released 10/20/2005)
Remembering Philip Karr
(released 10/12/2005)
Maker of 3ds Max To Buy Alias
(released 10/5/2005)
AtomFilms/Intel Call For Entries
(released 9/30/2005)
Academy names Archivist
(released 9/27/2005)
The Marionette Makes Premiere Run
(released 9/4/2005)
2005 Best Film On Campus Contest
(released 8/29/2005)
Cinema Cafe TV Airing Episode 4
(released 8/22/2005)
UFTA Mentoring Meeting on Monday
(released 8/20/2005)
Rich Grula steps in at DMAC
(released 8/15/2005)
The Night Owl Released to DVD
(released 8/9/2005)
Andrew Kenneth Gay Is On A Roll
(released 8/4/2005)
Flicks On Fairbanks
(released 7/31/2005)
'Gettin Er Done' In Orlando
(released 7/20/2005)
Stars... Dreams... Opium
(released 7/18/2005)
Short Films under the Stars
(released 7/12/2005)
Monday Night Flicks on Fairbanks
(released 7/10/2005)
(released 7/1/2005)
Gov Bush Signs HB1129
(released 7/1/2005)
Coffeehouse Film Reviews
(released 6/28/2005)
SAG Expands Low Budget Agreements
(released 6/28/2005)
Writing Workshop at the Library
(released 6/23/2005)
Writers Arc starts contest
(released 6/13/2005)
Movie Premieres at the DMAC
(released 6/2/2005)
Flicks on Fairbanks
(released 6/2/2005)
Coffee House Film Reviews
(released 5/24/2005)
Hoot: One Book/One State
(released 5/24/2005)
UCF Needs Your 16mm Prints
(released 5/11/2005)
South Of Heaven In Jacksonville
(released 5/7/2005)
Things That Hang From Trees
(released 5/7/2005)
Two Premieres at Film Slam
(released 5/7/2005)
Coral Rock is South Beach Dreamin'
(released 4/26/2005)
Latitude 25 Pictures Sets Sail
(released 4/25/2005)
Probed is Altered
(released 4/20/2005)
Regis and Kelly Taping In Orlando
(released 4/16/2005)
Panama City P.D.
(released 4/4/2005)
Roseanne Barr Can Heal
(released 4/1/2005)
Flicks on Fairbanks this Monday
(released 3/31/2005)
Spring Bling Gets Wet In 2005
(released 3/30/2005)
Passing of Howard Warren
(released 3/24/2005)
O36 Awards Show This Sunday
(released 3/16/2005)
Blood, Sweat and Gears
(released 3/3/2005)
Super Size Me
(released 2/25/2005)
Tampa Coffeehouse Film Review
(released 2/24/2005)
O36: Video Race 2005
(released 2/24/2005)
Hiassen Book Adapted For Film
(released 2/23/2005)
Screening of The Night Owl
(released 2/21/2005)
Producers Funding
(released 2/21/2005)
Finishing Funds
(released 2/21/2005)
(released 2/21/2005)
Full Sail On Location At Lake Eola
(released 2/20/2005)
Jurors and 11 awards @ MIFF
(released 2/15/2005)
Introducing the OLA Fest
(released 2/10/2005)
Blair Witch Guys Back Together
(released 1/25/2005)
Charlize Theron named Presenter
(released 1/19/2005)
Note from the Editor
(released 1/19/2005)
A&S Animation Take Top Honors
(released 1/17/2005)
Because of Better Incentives
(released 1/17/2005)
Timmy Makes Top Ten on NickToons
(released 1/11/2005)
USA And HSN Join In Reality
(released 1/6/2005)
Telemundo In Your Future
(released 1/3/2005)
Roy W. Dean Writer/Researcher Grant
(released 12/28/2004)
FMPTA Elects New Officers
(released 12/22/2004)
3rd Annual Jingle Mingle
(released 12/22/2004)
New Indie Horror Film site online
(released 12/14/2004)
2005 UFTA-Orlando New Officers
(released 12/13/2004)
Downtown Orlando To Get Festival
(released 12/2/2004)
FSU Students Make 2004 NFC Top 50
(released 11/30/2004)
Tampa Feature in Production
(released 11/22/2004)
1987 The Movie Wraps
(released 11/15/2004)
Delta Blues Documentary
(released 11/15/2004)
Miami Shorts In The Park
(released 11/2/2004)
(released 10/30/2004)
Fear on Fairbanks
(released 10/30/2004)
Tampa Coffeehouse Film Review
(released 10/30/2004)
(released 10/30/2004)
The Changers
(released 10/27/2004)
Orlando scores Judging Amy episode
(released 10/26/2004)
Songwriting and the Inspiration
(released 10/18/2004)
Music Festival In Jacksonville
(released 10/18/2004)
Miami Beach on Film And TV
(released 10/14/2004)
Chris Rock to host Oscars TM
(released 10/14/2004)
Lions Gate adds to 75k top prize
(released 10/13/2004)
Orlando gears up for ShowEast 2004
(released 10/11/2004)
Step Into The Florida Room
(released 10/11/2004)
Film Industry Event Downtown Orlando
(released 10/11/2004)
Spooky Setting For Film Premiere
(released 10/11/2004)
Supporting Our Troops
(released 10/11/2004)
Tampa Film Wins Big
(released 10/11/2004)
Halloween Horror Picture Show 2004
(released 10/4/2004)
Governor Bush Appoints 2 To FFEAC
(released 10/1/2004)
Political Films At The DMAC
(released 9/30/2004)
A Monster Premiere
(released 11/17/2003)
Misty Creek in Post
(released 12/22/2000)
Kissimmee Film Festival 2000
(released 10/24/2000)
Ed McMahon's Next Big Star
(released 10/15/2000)
Ed Skull Gets 'Dumped'
(released 7/13/2000)